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Photobox || Review

Last month I got a load of photos done so I could fill up my very neglected photo album. After looking through a bunch of websites I decided to go with Photobox. My first order was 45 5x5 Square photos and 1 6x4 photo. These photos were perfect and very good quality and at such a reasonable price. And when you spend a certain amount on photos you get a certain amount free, so it was only right to get my 19 free 6x4 photos.

My second order comprised of 19 6x4 photos and 30 5x5 Square photos, and this is where the trouble started. My first order arrived super fast within a day of them being dispatched, which is why I order a load more from them. The issue came when about 3 days later the order wasn't dispatched. I wasn't sure if it was due to the fact they were ordered on the weekend or there was an issue with the photos, so I gave it till the end of that week. This is where things became apparent that there was an issue. I had an email to explain that there was a delay and that they were on their way. OK so an issue and delay is fine, but after a week things didn't seem right. So I logged onto my account and saw that my order had been cancelled and reordered without even an email explaining, so I emailed them. I got a speedy reply which was good, saying that there was a file issue and their tech's had cancelled and reordered the photos to change the file.

So, long story short I finally received my photos 2 weeks after ordering them. But, they look amazing and the 6x4 photos came in a hard plastic case to protect the photos.

If you want amazing photos in different sizes and styles I would highly recommend Photobox. Apart from the issue they are still a great company and I couldn't be happier with my photos. I can't wait to order more.

Stay Gorgeous 

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