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March Favorites

Its the end of March and you know I have to do a favorites post. I haven't really been loving that much this past month as I have been so busy with Uni that I haven't really had time to enjoy a lot of things. But, the things that I have been loving this month have literally been my life. As always we will do beauty first...so lets get started!

To start a new love of mine. Nip and Fab are a well known skin care brand now, but when I started blogging I tried two of their products. These two products were the vain of my existence and I hated them, and that really put me off the brand as a whole. But, last month I decide to try a few bits out, as they have such a huge following now I was intrigued to see if the products had improved. Well sure enough the products blew me away. One of them in fact has made it to my March favorites and they are the Dargon's Blood Fix Cleansing Pads. These are literally my life, they are little moist pads that you just sweep across your entire face. I do this usually before bed and when I wake up, they just make me skin feel much more fresher and cleaner, removing all the excess oil from the day and night. I have found that my skin feels a lot firmer and my pores seem to be getting smaller. I love this product and really want to try a load more from Nip and Fab to find the exact products that may become permanent in my skin routine. 

I live for highlight these days and I have always gone back to the same highlighter, Soft and Gentle from Mac. But, during beauty week at my university, I was introduced to a new highlighter, Lightscapade from Mac. This is a much more natural and light highlight, great for those natural skin looks. But what makes this product even better is that you can layer Soft and Gentle on the top and create a beautiful heavy highlight without it looking to over the tip. I am obsessed with this powder, and I cannot believe it took me this long to get it in my life, now its in I don't think it will ever leave.

Lets talk about lips and my obsession with lipstick. This obsession can be just too much and one faithful day it did take the better of me and I ended up buying two lipsticks in almost identical shades. The lipsticks in question...the Tom Ford Lipsticks. Now Tom Ford have a few consistences in their lipstick range, from matte to shine, and I couldn't help myself when I found a beautiful everyday shade in the 'mens' range. This isn't a men only range, I class it as this, as all the lipsticks are named after men. These lipsticks are smaller than the originals and some of the names I have never heard of, but they looked to beautiful to miss. The shade I picked up was Cray, a nude pinkish red shade, for me a perfect everyday shade. Then I caved again another day and picked up another lipstick. This time a full sized Matte lipstick in the shade Pussycat. Unfortunately, I didn't realize how similar it was to Cray. It is a little bit lighter and matte compared to Cray but the color is very similar. But again a great color for everyday use. They are beautiful lipsticks, with amazing packaging, that I could buy a few more, but hopefully not in the same shade.

Finally I have been loving the Mac 3D Extra Dimensions Mascara. I have used the original Extra Dimensions Mascara and it sadly ran out on me, but luckily I have my spare though this time it was the 3D version. To be honest I much prefer the original to the 3D and I find that the 3D has a thicker consistency than the original. But, recently I have been grabbing this guy, it really makes my lashes look longer which I love. It just takes a little time to build it up compared to the original, but I still love it.

Time to look at all those extra bits that I have been loving...and they are both apps. The first is SnapChat. I love SnapChat, it is a great way to show case your day in photos and add writing and see your friends or celeb photos through out the day. I was on SnapChat a while ago but after an update I couldn't add anyone or use any of the fun filters, so I got rid of it. But, I recently added back on my phone and it is all working and I am obsessed. Follow me at jessandtheworld on SnapChat to see my developing process for special effect and just makeup and beauty and random bits through out the day.

My final favorite is Instagram. It will always be my baby, I just love to take photos and share them with the world. It is always a joke when I'm on holiday to see how many photos I have taken, usually ranging in the thousands. But, recently I have been trying out theme on my everyday Instagram when I had a thought about my old Instagram page. So, I decided to reactivate it and make it my special effects page. I love show casing my special effect looks and find that I don't really post much of that kind of thing on my usual Instagram page. So if you want to follow my reactivated SFX page on Instagram it is SFX_Jessika. 

And that is all my favorites for March. I have so much coming up that I am super excited about, one of them is IMATS which is only 3 months away, exciting! So, I am hoping that I get a lot more content out to you guys and do a lot more reviews. I hope March has been a fun one for you and that April is even better.

Stay Gorgeous

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