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The London Health Show 2016

Back at the start of January I was asked if I wanted to attend the London Health Show 2016, as Press, to review and comment about the 2 day event and what it can offer. I was more than happy to accept the offer and I booked in my fiance and his mum 2 visitor passes, which were free to apply for. Unfortunately, I couldn't make the opening day of the show (20th January), so I did miss some of the special gust speakers, such as Dr Christian Jessen. But, unlike a lot of shows the 2nd day (21st January) was still very good.

Arriving at Kensington Olympia, we were greeted by staff who were more than happy to tell us how to use the machines to print out our name tags and where to go once we were inside the lobby. I have been to the Olympia many time before, but I have never been to the higher levels. Inside there were goodie bags to take with information and freebies inside. There was a lot of demonstrations, talks and workshops going on around the edges of the show and a lot of company's showcasing their services and products. Some were selling, others were giving away freebies and the rest were telling you about their services. The idea is for companies to connect with other companies to grow businesses. Being a blogger I can help spread the names of some of the companies, so it was a very big connecting event.

When we arrived there was a demonstration going on about the acid found in water bottles. This was very interesting and would be beneficial to health enthusiasts, to drink the healthiest and purest water. Going around there were companies that were aimed at many different age groups, which is great as it means you can get connecting and information of brands that would be beneficial to either more age groups or your specific audience.

Everyone was incredibly nice and very easy to talk to and they all wanted to connect. At the show connecting with other brands couldn't be easier. The name tag you wore had a bar code on it which when scanned saved that company on file which is later sent to your emails, this way you can find out more information about the companies. All of the companies were taking business cards, meaning you could connect or research them later. For me I picked up quite a few business cards on companies I would definitely consider trying.

Some of my favorite companies were; Sunday Candle (candle company), Inspiral (healthy snack alternative), Queen of Oil (argan oil company), K Co UK  (makeup brand), Sanotint (beauty brand), Bryt Skincare, The Coconut Company, Pip and Nut (nut butter) and London Paleo Girl (coconut frozen yogurt).

Not only were there companies connecting, the NHS Blood and Transplant were there. This gives people the perfect opportunity to sign up to donate blood. So, I signed up and got told what my blood type was, A Positive.

Some companies were hosting competitions to win prizes, such as t-shirt, as well as giving everyone the opportunity to join in with some of the demonstrations, such as Zumba. Moving on from the company connections, there were a lot of talks going on through out the day. Some about how to run a spa successfully and how to get the nation fitter and healthier. These talks are perfect for those in the health industry, from gym workers to spa owners, everyone can take information from it. But, don't fret that a question hasn't been answered as they all take questions at the end. And if you want to earn extra CPD points they also provided people with small workshops. These work shops had to be booked in advance, but they gave you points in product/service innovation  and regulation, business development and training, branding,PR and marketing tools and finally practitioner new insight. These workshops really help you learn new things within business and help you develop your skills and company further.

Overall this show is very beneficial to all that work in the health industry, as you can gain great connections with other companies, expand your knowledge and discover new and exciting companies just starting up. I found it incredibly interesting and would recommend the 2017 show to all those in the beauty and health industry.

Stay Gorgeous 

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