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PetShop.co.uk || Review

At the end of 2015 I put myself forward to help a brand out. PetShop.co.uk are a online pet service that deliver food, toys and treats to you door, just simple select the things that you want and they will be shipped off to you. The great thing about this company, besides its wide shipping range, you can get the same box of goodies sent to you every 4 weeks. This is amazing, it is like a little present to your pet every month, and it can be the best way to bulk buy your pets favorite treats and food, leaving you with peace and mind that your pet will be thoroughly spoilt. The pets that they cater for are; dogs, cats, small pets (chinchillas, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, hedgehogs, mice, rats, rabbits and reptiles), birds and fish. As I have a very crazy little Jack Russell, they kindly sent me and my muttly a few bits to try out.

The package was sent pretty fast, about a couple of days, and inside were Canagan Small Breed Dog Dry Food in Chicken, Kong Knots Toy, 2 boxes of Almo Nature Adult Wet Dog Food in Tuna and Rice and a bag of Pet Munchies Chicken Stripes. The moment muttly got a look in he was off with the toy, a large purple monkey with a squeak at the bottom, he loved it. Running around with it in his mouth for hours, being slightly on the large side I was a little unsure if he'd be able to lift it a run with it. But, it definitively was a prefect match, and tough enough that he shouldn't destroy it any time soon. The dry biscuits were another favorite, eating them like treats, he was in love, whats more is adding a few to his bowl of food helped him eat the lot. He is really picky with food and sometimes leaves it for hour without eating, but being able to throw a few of these down in his bowl really helps him eat the lot. He usually eats Pedigree Pouches in Jelly, and usually refuses anything else, so I was a little curious to see what he would do with the Almo Nature food. It was really easy to open, which is great as at first glance it looks like it would be a little tricky. Removing it from the box is a little bit tricky, as there is a lot of food in those little cartons. I gave him 3/4 of the box and he scoffed it down quicker then I could have imagined, so I gave him the rest. He loved it, though for him I think half a carton would be prefect for each meal, as he was a little stuffed afterwards. Finally the Pet Munchies Chicken Strips were a huge hit, exactly what I thought they would be. He loves chicken strips, especially the ones that are real dried chicken, he does anything for these bad boys. Opening the packet he was bouncing away, getting him to wait for the picture was another story. He did try to eat them before the camera came out but I managed to get that winning shot before the strip had disappeared.

This company are amazing, with a variety of things to buy, and brands you may not have even heard of, it is prefect to try your pet on everything. We all spoil our pets, they are one of the family, and if you want to do it in style I would highly recommend PetShop.co.uk. All orders over £19.99 are eligible for free delivery, for express deliveries there is an extra charge and on orders from outside the UK there is a separate charge.

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