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Mac Makeup || Review

For Christmas I received a Mac voucher from my mum and couldn't wait to spend it, and still having a bit left on my last card I was hunting for the perfect products. So, I did order a few things more than I would normally, but when you have a voucher you just can't help yourself. Without further ado, let's get started!

Well it was sort of by chance I ordered this little guy. I had £14 left over and just didn't know what to pick up and the found this. I use brow pencils on my brows all the time and have always wanted a highend version. I was so impressed by this little angle that I may have to repurchase when it runs out. Great things really do come in small packages, this very sleek tiny brow pencil is utterly perfect to mimic brow hairs.

The only downside to this product is that it can be a little stiff to turn the product up. But apart from that it is perfect and comes in a wide variety of shades. Though that was a little tricky in itself finding the perfect shade, but I did it and it is a miracle to my brows.

The best thing to ultra hydrate those lips. I apply it to the lips before I start my makeup, that way it sinks into the lips ready for when I apply my lipstick. Hydrated lips are a must for this time of year and especially if you want to rock that matte lip.

If you want a thick hydrating gel for your lips, that nourishes and moisturizes then this is the one for you. And don't worry about unpleasant smells, this guy is vanilla, the signature scent of all Macs lip products.

Let's line them lips for a more pouty look. I now know why everyone raves about this lip liner, it is beautiful. It works really well with a lot of the lipsticks that I own and it isn't to hard on the lips. It is the perfect brown nude shade that works perfectly with Mac's brown nude shades such as Velvet Teddy.

I love to line my lips and this one is perfect for any nude lip you want to wear (except super pale nudes). Being a pencil I feel it will last a while and is great for lip liner or as an over all lip color. Though, hydrate those lips first as any cracking will become more irritated and sore.

Now you can't do a Mac haul without at least one lipstick, well you will not be disappointed as I picked up 2 lipsticks. The shades that I picked up were Whirl and Media. Whirl is part of the brown nudes and has a Matte finish. It is slightly darker in tone than Velvet Teddy, but I think it works better on my skin tone. Media has a Satin finish, which I wasn't really expecting. This shade was plastered over ever autumn pinterest, Instagram and twitter I came across, and all had the same photo beautiful matte berry red lips. Well you can understand my surprise when the lipstick is actually a lot creamier and a lot shinier than those photos, so I think I had been fooled. But, never the less this is a beautiful lipstick, blend it out for that wash of color or keep it bold.

These lipsticks are amazing, just like all of Mac's lipsticks. If you try one you never want to stop.

I have wanted to try this concealer out for a while now and every time I'm in store they never have my shade available. So, it was only too perfect that my shade was available online. It is just a squeeze tube, and give medium to high coverage. I love high coverage when it comes to concealers so having one that is less is a bit of a pain, but you can build it up. I have found with scaring and old blemishes it really covers them but for in your face ones it needs a couple of coats.

Overall this concealer is really good, perfect for outlining the brows and lips. But for blemish cover up go for the Pro-longwear concealer.

What are your favorite Mac products??

Stay Gorgeous 

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