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K Co Beauty Makeup || Review

In January I was lucky enough to be invited to the London Health Show, where I got to meet a load of new and up coming brands. One of the brands I met were K Co Beauty, a makeup brand that is just starting up, so I couldn't leave without purchasing a few bit. I did manage to get these products for a discounted rate, only £10 each, but I will keep the official prices in the review.

Who doesn't love brow products and I am always on the look out for more brow products to try. When I was at the show the girls did my brows using this product. It was super quick and easy to do and with two brow stencils it makes the job that much quicker. No wonder then that I had to have it, with its 4 brow powders, 2 stencils and a mini brush. The 4 powders are Light, Light-Medium, Medium and Dark, you can wear the shades as a single color or mix them to create your perfect brow, for me I mix the light, light-medium and medium shades. The dark shade I wouldn't really recommend as a brow powder, unless you have black brows, as it is just too dark and the girls recommended it more as a soft liner than a brow powder.

Over all this product is good, but in my honest opinion I think there are better and cheaper brow powders out there on the market. The main go-getter for this product seems to be its stencils as they are a lot slimmer that others I have seen on the market.

Now this product for me was very misleading, I was originally told that it was a highlighter and that it was perfect for all highlighting on my face. But, trying it for myself at home they were very much mistaken. This is in fact a very shimmery blush more than a highlight, as it does have a pinky blush color underneath all that shimmer. So, putting it on the bridge of my nose look pretty weird as it darkened up my nose and it just looked odd. The color and overall look does look nice as a blush but for £25 it isn't the best. The packaging is very cheap and so is the powder, with its rough and chalky feel. It is very pigmented and shimmery, but the feel and packaging does let it down. The brush is very soft and does blend the product out, but the handle is that cheap plastic again, though I don't mind it so much on the brush.

Overall I think there are much nicer and better quality highlighters and blushes on the market that will not cost you as much as this one would. The brush is good if it was available on its own , but for the price of the blush/highlighter I do think it is a bit of a ripe off.

What are your favorite brow and blush products??

Stay Gorgeous

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