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February Favorites

February is almost over and it's time to look back at what we have been loving this past month. Not a lot of beauty favorites, as I have really been loving the same beauty products as last month, with a few extras thrown in there. So, lets get started;

First things first, the hair. Now I have such a problem with hair products especially shampoos and conditioners, my scalp is just never happy, until now. I have tried a lot of products and there have been a few things that have helped but nothing seems to have stayed in stock, so it was this range that won me over. The new Loreal Elvive Clay Re-balancing range, it has made my hair feel naturally light and soft, and my scalp clean and oil free. It's a wonderful feeling having soft light weight hair that doesn't look oily, and it is really helping hydrate my dry ends, perfect after so many years of dying my hair.

Now, I couldn't do a favorites without a little makeup thrown in there, and it is no surprise that Charlotte Tilbury has hit my favorites list again. This time the Magic Foundation, an amazing and very strange foundation in deed. It is a liquid foundation, very light weight and very easily blending into the skin. When you first apply it, it is very much medium coverage and very nature looking, but let it dry for a minute and BAM! Semi-matte and build-able, you can really makeup this foundation into a high coverage miracle. It lasts all day and leaves your skin looking flawless and glowing, which is strange as I don't like the shiny look, but this really leaves the skin looking glowy rather than shiny, perfect. The next Charlotte Tilbury product had to be a lipstick and not just any lip stick but a miniature that really throws a punch in the day time look, Bitch Perfect. It is part of the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range, which means that it is creamy and buttery and gorgeous. The consistency reminds me of the Creme Sheen lipsticks by Mac and the fact that it is a beautiful nude shade that makes it all the more amazing. As a miniture it is perfect to throw in your bag and travel with it, but it now makes me want the full size version even more, The color is very pigmented, but being creamy it doesn't last too long on the lips, meaning you will need to re-apply, but it really is the perfect lip color for all day every day. My final beauty product is more of a tool than makeup and it is the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Tapered Eye Brush. It currently isn't out in the UK yet, but it is available to order on their website, but it is literally my baby for blending crease shadows. Being part of the Bold Metals Collection, it is more professionally made than the basic range, so it is weighted and the bristles are much more softer and light weight, perfect for keeping your eyes safe. I literally am obsessed with this brush that I have to clean it constantly, If you want that perfect blending brush that is affordable and professional I would highly recommend this brush.

First things first, fashion, and I have two items in this category. The first being this amazing tee from the ElliMacs Zombitch shop. A basic black tee this Zombitch written in pink, it feels really comfortable and I love the name, I may have to get a few more tees in different colors. The final fashion fave this month is an ear cuff that I was sent by Body Jewelry Shop. It is so beautiful, with its three stars and edgy design, it is no wonder that it has become one of my favorites. I even love the fact that you can close it up slightly to fit your ear perfectly, it really is truly amazing.

Technology, usually always what my extra favorites boil down to. Firstly a film that I am obsessed with and really want to see again, Deadpool. I found this film funny and good, with its dark sense of humor and anti-super hero shenanigans, it really it worth the watch. Nextflix now and a show I cannot stop watching, Dexter. I used to watch it on Fox when it first started here in the UK, but with school and being busy I stopped watching it and never got back into it. Well, with Nextflix I have now got straight into it and now am on season 5 and I love it. I love crime shows especially when the criminal is the main character and seems to never get caught. I just can't get enough of this show and I'll be sad when I get to the end.

(Photos taken from Google Images)

As for music, Amazon Prime Music has been my ultimate playlist at the moment. If you are a student then you need to start your free 6 month free trial now! Firstly films and next day deliveries, but also tones of songs on Amazon music. The best thing about Amazon Prime music, you can download these songs on your Amazon cloud for free and listen to them offline. It is literally amazing and at no extra cost, especially when you compare it to Spotify. Give it a go now, you won't believe how easy it is.

Finally a game, which I have completed in a space of a week, the Pokemon Omega Ruby for Nintendo 3DS. I love Pokemon and haven't really played it since Gameboy Advanced came out, so a really long time. So, when my friends suggested that I get one I couldn't resist. If you haven't payed Pokemon in years there is a lot that has changed, now you can trade Pokemon and participate in events and even get shinies. This is all super strange to me and not something I really understand, but my friends have been trading Pokemon with me and with that I have managed to win the complete game, so it had to be in my February favorites.

So that's it, all my favorites for this past month. What have been yours??

Stay Gorgeous

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