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What I Got for Christmas

Christmas has been so much fun and I have received numerous gifts from friends and family, I feel like the happiest girl around. So, without further ado lets get started.

Firstly I received a really cool present from my friend which you may have already seen on Instagram, which I have named Brian and he is a Brain Cell plushie. He is amazing and really soft with a comes with a little booklet of facts about the brain cell. I love all things brain and was so happy with this gift. From another friend I received the Benefit Easy On The Eyes book, which I had asked for. Confession time, I actually read the whole book in 2 days, oops. But it is so good and there are so many looks that I really want to create. Two other friends got me an Amazon voucher which I happily used to buy my film microphone and some UV/Glow in the dark body paints. Perfect for my new film set up and special fx work.

As an early present I received my new phone from my wonderful fiancee, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +. It is a huge phone but I just love it, and I got a rugged Otterbox case for it to keep it protected. He also got me a Baileys Mug Hot Chocolate set, which is love as I am a huge fan of Baileys.

From my fiancee's parents I got my film set up which I am super excited about, as I can now film with better lighting and a better background, which is super exciting. The kit came with 2 soft box lights, 3 backgrounds, light stands and the backdrop stands, perfect for a new look on Youtube. They also got me 2 grease makeup palettes from Ayliss, a bright colors one and a red toned colors one. Perfect for my special fx kit, I can use it to make so many different looks and textures with slightly different skin colors.

My fiancee's parents also gave me a stocking, well a sack of goodies. Inside were a load of socks, a few from Accessorize and a pack of 8 from an unknown source. I also had a beautiful cushion with a black and white Jack Russell on it. A Chanel towl which was picked up when we were away in Turkey back in October. A Christmasy top from Lipsy with a festive squirrel on it and a pair of butterfly pj's. I also received a tube of Smarties, a pair of slipper socks and an address book. I also received a board game, which I receive every year, this year's game was Fumble. A strange game, all to do with strategy and speed.

From my dad I got 3 Blurays; Minions, Magic Mike XXL and AHS Freakshow. I needed AHS to complete my collection and plus it is a special fx artists dream with all the makeup. Magic Mike and Minions I can't wait to see (though by the time you read this I would have seen them). My dad also got me the ring light I asked for. Perfect to finish my new filming set up, not just for my videos but for my blog photos as well. You can change the light settings so much to suit your needs. You can have half light, flash mode and you can even change the power of the light so you aren't blinded every time you use it. Though, you still get blinded by it when you first switch it on hehe.

From my mum I received the Top Shop Teddy dressing gown, which is amazing and super soft. Some cosy slippers, a Mac voucher, a Dove wash set, Mehron Coagulated blood, Mehron 3D gel, zipper zombie kit, Snazaroo wax. I also received some socks, Top Shop pants, PJ's, a metal mixing plate and a Terry's Chocolate Orange. This stuff is amazing, I can't wait to use the special fx makeup and get a few new bits from Mac.

My brother couldn't get the book I asked for as it was out of stock. But, he did give me some money for Christmas and so far all I have got with it is a liter bottle of Baileys, hehe.

From my grandparents I got a basket with some toiletries; deodorant, soap, tooth paste, body spray, flannel, cotton buds and soap. I also received a next perfume called Just Pink, the bottle of which reminds me of the Chloe perfumes. I got some foam sweets and the most gorgeous bracelet, it has rose gold and white gold beads on it, just beautiful (which I forgot to Talk about in my video, oops).

From my uncle, aunt and cousin I got a beautiful perfume. I have never seen it before, but it smells very flora and lovely.

From my aunt I received some money for me and my fiancee. I also received a little Baylis and Harding bath set. The set came with a bar of soap, body wash and body lotion. They smell gorgeous too, so I can't wait to use them.

From another aunt I received a Nip and Fab set. It is the spiced apple set with a body wash, body butter, lip balm and loofah. I can't wait to try this stuff out and see if it changes my mind on Nip and Fab.

From family and friends of my fiancee I received a couple of gifts. First being a snood from Fat Face, it is very cosy and has a festive print on it. It is a good size around the neck and easy to wear. I received the Jurassic World Bluray, I live this film and it was one of my highlights if 2015. So receiving it for Christmas was a perfect treat, now I can relive the moment again and again. A fun Murder Mystery party game, designed to be played on evening with friends. It is pretty cool, as it gives you meal ideas and costume ideas, which does mean it is a very long game, at about 2-3 hours. But, it will be super fun to play one evening with friends.

I am so thankful for all the gifts I have received and thank everyone for everything that have given me. This isn't a bragging post, as I love reading a watching what people got for Christmas, I just wanted to share in the fun.

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a very happy new year and got all you wanted.

Stay Gorgeous 

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