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Stila Magnificent Metal Eyes || Review

I have wanted to try the Stila Magnificent Metal Eyes foil for ages, as I have been in love with the shade Kitten ever since I swatched it. But, I have never picked it up, mainly because it has been out of stock every time I have been to get it. So, when I came across two different shades in TK Maxx for a steal I couldn't resist. At full price they cost £33.50, which is incredibly pricey, but I picked mine up of £3.99 each, bargain!

The shades I picked up at Laurel (metallic green gold shade) and Lavender (metallic purple shade). Both foils come with a little pot of Stay All Day liquid, designed to make the foil last all day on the eyes without smudging of flaking. The foils also come with their own metal tray to mix the foil and liquid together. Applying it dry is a little tricky, as it doesn't lift up very well on a brush. Using your finger is better, but it applies a little chunky and is a little rough on the lids. If you are just applying a little sparkle to the center of the eye, then I think it is safe to apply it dry, just dab it on with your little finger.

For a much more stay in place look that is drop dead gorgeous, then try it wet. Mixing the foil with the liquid is very easy, first drop some liquid on the tray and dip your brush. Pick up some of the foil and mix it with the liquid, add more foil if you want a stronger color, then apply. The color definitely changes for the Laurel, it becomes more golden than green and the shimmer of the purple in Lavender really stand out. It applies so smoothly and creamy on the skin that it looks like liquid metal. This look would be prefect for a night out, as it is so beautiful and dramatic.

These foils are amazing, one of a kind almost and there are a whole range of shades to choose from. Who knows maybe my next shade will be Kitten.

Stay Gorgeous

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