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DIY Black Light

Yesterday you may have seen my video, on a UV skull look using UV body paints. To make the paints glow you need a black light, which I didn't have, so I made my own. It's really easy and simple to do and will save you money (as you won't need a black light for UV paints). Before I tell you how to make your own, I need to say that this light will not work as effectively as a black light. The strength is a little weak and you won't be able to see all stains around your bathroom. But, it made the paints glow and showed up a lot of dirt and grime you wouldn't normally see with the light on...and trust me you will want to clean everything when you use this light.

So, what you will need is a light source (I used my old phone), a purple or dark pink purple Sharpie, a blue Sharpie and tape.

First apply the tape to your light source and color in with the blue Sharpie.

Second apply another layer of tape and again color in with the blue Sharpie.

Finally apply a third layer of tape and this time color it in with a dark pink/purple Sharpie.

Just turn your light on and there you have it a black light. It is so simple and easy to do, you won't be able to stop yourself from doing it. But, like I said if you want a black light that can see stains your best bet is an actual black light. But have some fun with it and see yourself glow with UV paints.

Stay Gorgeous

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