2 Year Blog Birthday

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Well firstly I must confess, the official birthday of my blog is June, but I was never really into blogging until about 6 months later. So for me it is 2 years since I officially starting working on my blog, it's birthday time!

(Photo taken from Google Images)

Wow just wow! I literally never thought I would have ever been able to do the things I have done through blogging, I have been able to talk about the stuff I love, a lot! And I have been able to work with so many different brands, which I never thought I would be able to do...ever!

Along with all my blogging I have really got into my YouTube channel, I have been able to talk about what I love and do different tutorials. I am still learning about makeup and special effects, it is really fun to show you my approach to it all. I have been able to talk to other Bloggers and Youtubers and I love everything you have to say.

So what do the next year's have in store...well a lot more blogging and makeup....yep a whole lot more makeup hehe. But, hopefully a lot more fun content that you can read and love, not just on makeup and beauty but travel, pets, fashion and tech, just to name a few.

I never started this blog to get followers, I started it because I love it. Having you all here for the ride just makes my love that much more wonderful. I hope that I can continue to do what I love and share it all with you.

Happy 2nd Birthday,
The World According To Jess
Let's hope years to come are even better

Stay Gorgeous

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