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15 Things I Have Learnt in 2015

I did this last year, and I couldn't help but look back at it and see how much those things have changed the way I have lived 2015. Well I have come up with 15 new things that I have learnt over the past year. Some of these may be similar from last year, but I am going to try my utmost to keep these things in my life.

1/ Take a Break from Social Media is a Must
It can be hard to stop using social media, all your friends are on it and for me all my blogging and videos are on it. But, once in a while you need to just stop and give it a rest. I find that telling myself "this is when I will not be online", gives me that opportunity to prepare posts or videos, so that I can feel fully relaxed and not have to worry about being completely absent from the whole lot. Giving it a rest really opens up your mind and clears it, so then that rut that you might have been in has gone or you get to do things that you wouldn't always do if you were busy with social media. Just giving it a rest, even if it is just every weekend really gives your mind a chance to relax and you never know that little brake you have my prove helpful.

2/ Anxiety Shouldn't Win
I suffer with anxiety, but it got really bad the first time I went to uni. Now 5 years on it still plays up, some day are harder than other but you really need to keep yourself positive. I have found that when my anxiety starts to flair up really bad, finding a quiet calm place helps, it just gives you a chance to remove yourself from the issue to calm yourself to face it. But what really helps me is makeup, having something that your passionate about to escape to really helps. It keeps your mind off worrying about it and lets you escape to some where you love. But the best help of all can come from your friends and family. You'll find in the worst of times, they will be there for you to help you out of your funk.

3/ Take a Break from Stress
It is almost similar to anxiety, as stress is a factor of it. But before it gets to the point of anxiety, remove yourself from the stress. Lets face it we all have stress in our lives and it can get on top of us. But trust me taking a break from work, uni, school or what ever causes the most stress is beneficial. You can let go even if it is for a couple of hours, do something that doesn't cause stress. Listening to your favorite songs, watching your favorite movie or even playing a game, it all helps reduce stress. Just think of the Sims games, to save them from stress you let them have some fun.

4/ Hard Work will show Results
Yep that old saying hard work will get you there in the end. Well to a point at least, but like I said above give your self some me time. I found putting that little bit more work into something, from revision to posts has really paid off. I got better scores of my exams (shocking as I am terrible at exams) and I got more opportunities with working hard on my blog. It all pays off in the end, so keep focused.

5/ Don't Yoyo Diet or Exercise
A common thing that a lot of us do, lets face it we want to be thinner and fitter, but when we get there we just want to be able to eat again and it all goes back to normal. If I choose to diet or exercise I will find a way to keep at it. Yoyo dieting and exercise is actually really bad for you than not doing anything at all. Firstly, like me, you can develop eating disorders I now find it hard to eat regular meals, sometimes only eating one meal a day. This is really really bad and it is the same with exercise, doing a lot to suddenly nothing can cause muscle wastage (the muscle you built up) and like all of it reverting back to square one. I think you really need to love your own body to fully understand diet and exercise, as forcing yourself to shrink just to be smaller usually results in reverting back. 

6/ Love Your Body
This is a tough battle and kind of goes hand in hand with 5. Loving your body is the best thing for you, it increases your confidence and makes you feel so much better about yourself. I have always had a love hate relationship with my body, but I now have come to love it. You will always wish you were skinnier, but if I wasn't I will probably still love me. I think that you need to love your body to appreciate who you are. We are all different and beautiful, and no magazine or article will tell us otherwise.

7/ Take Care of your Skin
A bit of a beauty thing here, but it really is true. The more you look after the skin the more you will feel confident. Before I became a beauty addict, I never really looked after my skin. I didn't wash makeup off, I used the wrong type of soap and I never drunk enough water. Drinking more and regularly will keep the skin hydrated and healthy, it will keep your skin glowing and looking young. Washing makeup off is huge thing, first it makes your face feel so much more healthier when you wash the makeup off. But, leaving makeup on will actually make you age faster, as it will clog the pores up making them larger, it will break out your skin, and it can even damage the top layer of cells with the chemicals in the products degrading. Using a good facial cleaner to remove this makeup and any impurities on your skin is essential. Not all soaps are good for the skin, in fact a lot are bad, as they dry out the face and don't melt on the skin very easily meaning you are pulling at the skin. I have found that cleansing facial balms are the best at removing makeup and impurities better than any soap.

8/ Don't Let Opportunities Pass you By
This year I have been lucky enough to work with some beauty brands. One of the brands I never thought I would work with is Proactiv+. I remember applying for the opportunity, the whole time I was advertising myself I couldn't stop thinking I'm never going to get this. Believe it or not I looked at the ad several times before I applied. If I had let my thoughts win I would have missed one of the biggest opportunities that has come my way. So never think that you are no good for something, just go for it, the worst thing that can happen is they say no.

9/ Don't Follow the Crowd
Being a beauty addict, I have followed the crowed a thousand times, and sometimes they are right and other times they are wrong. The amount of beauty products that people raved about that I don't like and products people hate and I really enjoy is large. It is the same with films, some people like them and others hate them, not everyone will have the same tastes as you. So never follow the crowd, if you like something then like it, don't stop liking it because some on said they don't. As long as you aren't hurting anyone, do what you want.

10/ Do what you want to do
So simple and follows on from 9, but it is true. I love special fx and sometimes when inspiration strikes I just have to do. So, just do it. If it makes you happy then do it, as long as your not hurting anyone. Lets face it we all have little hobbies that we like doing, and if it makes you happy and relaxed do it.

11/ Smile Everyday
Odd I know, and hard to do when you are down, but trust me you will feel so much better. A smile is a simple facial gesture, but it impacts not just your feelings but the people around you. A smile makes you feel happy and safe, it changes your emotions from being down and blue to being happy and free. A simple smile can bring someone you meet that little bit of hope, that thought of someone noticing them. You'll find that when you smile the world smiles back, and it just creates that beautiful warm feeling inside, so spread the love and smile.

12/ Always be Yourself
I think this thing was in my last year lessons, but again it is so true. You need to always be yourself, never change for anyone. Changing who you are for someone should never be the case, if you want to change your hair color because that's what you do, then do it. If you like tattoos or bright clothes or not shaving then do it. Don't just change because you want to make someone happy, as all it will do is make you feel unhappy. It is the same struggle with makeup, people don't like you with it or and they don't like you without, but if it makes you happy then do it, just don't change.

13/ Share your Problems
I'm really bad at this, I have been with my fiancee for over 6 years now and I still can't tell him whats on my mind. I just find it hard, I don't want them worrying about my problems as well as their own. But, it is so much better to share them. The people you share them with might not have the answer,  but knowing someone is there for you when you need help to clear your mind it amazing. Its a weight off your shoulders, and you never know they may be able to come up with a solution or you may even figure it out while your sharing.

14/ Family is Everything so Make Time
It is so corny but so true. Your family is yours and you can't choose them, you have them. Like all families you have your ups and your downs its just the way it goes. But making time for them is a must. As my fiance has to work most Saturdays, I get less time with my dad, which for me is hard. So when I get the opportunity to have an extra day with him I do. The same goes with all my family, when I get an opportunity I try to see them and spend time with them. For our family we have had so many ups and downs, it is like riding a roller coaster. But through those times we hold together, we stick together and we help each other out. So, try to make time for your family, you'll feel so much better when you do.

15/ Sing as Loud as you Can
Yep a bit or a random one, and the most fun of all of the things I have learnt. I am not a singer, I have never sung in front of people and I am not suggesting you should if you don't want to. But, what I have learnt is to sing as loud and as much as you want. It is a sort of stress release, it is like an actual action to remove stress and emotions. I sing when I'm happy, I sing when I'm sad, I even sing when I'm anxious. A little odd I know, it just makes me feel calmer, and it is so much fun. So sing, as loud and as proud as you want, it's your life so live it.

Stay Gorgeous

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  1. What a great list - you have given much thought to each point.

    I have to agree with all you have written here. I have cut down my time on social media - I mean what do I think I will miss?? I believe it creates anxiety and pushes you to post in order to be seen and heard.

    This year I want to focus on my three top priorities. Wasting time skimming my feeds on social media will not help me get there.

    All the best with your plans😊

    1. Aww thank you, yeah I took some time to think about these things I have learnt. Yeah, some times you have to take a break from social media as it does cause too much anxiety and it can get stressful to keep up with schedules.

      Good luck with your plans x