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The Makeup Eraser || Review

The Makeup Eraser is a very strange but revolutionary product. I first saw it at IMATS and wanted to pick one up then and there, but decided on a few other products instead. I have been looking online at the Makeup Eraser, but I just couldn't will myself to pick it up, until now. I picked mine up at Top Shop's Beauty Mart for only £17, and I just can't stop using it.

So why is it so revolutionary? Well it can remove any makeup with just the addition of water...WHAT! That's right, one side of the flannel has short fur which is designed to remove the makeup and the other side has long fur which is designed to exfoliate the face. For me I just use the short fur as I didn't feel that the long fur did anything different to my skin. All you need to do is wet the flannel and rub over your makeup, and with every wipe your makeup is removed. I was so amazed the first time I used this product I just couldn't keep it to myself. The best part of all is that you just throw it in the washing machine and it is as good as new, no need to get a new one every few months.

I have found it so much more easier to remove my makeup, which is helping to save more of my makeup wipes. I prefer to wipe my makeup off the best as possible and deep clean with a facial balm. I feel that my skin is so much more cleaner after using this flannel, as it doesn't move the makeup around and clog the pores. I think everyone should have this flannel as it is perfect for making the skin feel cleaner and its is great for those makeup lovers as it just removes makeup like a dream. 

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