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NYX Makeup || Review

I have only ever owned three things from NYX and I picked those up last year. So, it was no wonder when I discovered that Selfridges has a NYX counter, I walked away with a few new bits. Not only do Selfidges have a counter, but you can now buy this stuff right off the Boots website, amazing.

These are by far one of my favorite lip products from NYX. I love the Butter Glosses, but these are just so much easier to wear as they are not tacky or messy and they don't dry out the lips too much. They do look very matte on the lips, though there looks like there is a little moisture still there. I picked up two shades;Copenhagen (a deep dark red) and Transylvania (a deep dark vampy purple berry). All the lip colors are named after places, but these two shades are like my all time favorite, especially for this time of year. They just make the lips look fuller bigger and ready for autumn/winter.

Overall these lips creams are fun and adventurous, without being too messy and tacky. They have so many shades from nudes to bolds, that anyone could find the right shade for them. Not only that but they are super affordable and you can blend the shades together to make an ombre lip or a new color entirely.

OMG this is it right here. This has been my go to product for my brows since getting it. It comes in a squeezie tube form, where you squeeze a tiny amount out on the back of your hand and apply it with a sort angled brow brush. The tiny amount can cover both brows and leave you with a bit more. It really shapes out my brows, making them defined and perfect. It is a product you really need to practice to use, as it an go wrong very easily, but once perfected they blend out nicely and last all day.

This product is literally my holy grail of brow products, and they have a variety of shades that are bound to suit most brow shades. The only thing I should warn you with this product is, if you sweat a lot it can start to smudge, so it might not be the best product to use in the gym.

This product is one I have been after for a while. I have seen a similar one in Mac, but it is a bit more expensive. It has been designed to include all the colors you would need to help correct any pigmentation on the skin. To use it you really need to understand the color wheel, so it is a little bit of an advanced product for beginners. In the palette there are 6 shades; yellow, green, lilac, salmon and two concealer shades. The yellow is designed to cancel out purple tones, so it is great under the eyes. It also helps to add a further highlight to the face. The green shade is great for concealing redness, such as that left by blemishes. Lilac is a perfect shade to correct yellow, such as some sun spots or pigmentation. The salmon is another shade that works well under the eyes, however you need to know that this color isn't always perfect for everyone. It is great for pink undertones as it helps highlight, but for yellow undertones it can look a little off. All these concealers are not to be used on their own, once applied and blended you need to apply your usual concealer to cover up the color. The two final shades in the palette are concealers, a light-medium and medium shade. This is great if you have this shade of skin, but for me it is just too dark.

This palette is really amazing and great for more advanced beauty lovers. I think it is a great cheaper alternative to the Mac palette, however I would have preferred there to be some light concealer shade in it. You can by a separate light, medium or dark concealer palette from NYX, but i would have preferred the same style like the Mac palette where there are colors and light concealers in a palette.

This has been one of the products that everyone has tried at least once, except me it seems. I have tried the jumbo crayons before but never in the shade Milk, as it was always out of stock. But I just have to say this...Amazing! Like most eye crayons it is very easy to apply and to blend out. It doesn't dry very fast, meaning you have enough time to blend out the product before it starts to dry. I have found it perfect as a base for eye shadows, it really makes them pop. I have found it hard to find pure matte white eye bases and crayons, as there seems to be hundreds of pearl whites and no matte ones.

I think everyone should have this jumbo crayon in there collection as any eye look can pop even more this this as a base. It is so cheap and easy to use that anyone can use it and love it.

This was a random purchase for me as I haven't heard much about it and wasn't sure what exactly is did. When I picked it up the board showed someone using it to conceal blemishes, correct brows and lip liner. So, I gave it a go at those jobs to see what a difference if any it made. Well for blemishes, I wasn't a big fan, just something about applying a pencil to a blemish that just seems wrong. To correct brows amazing and minimal blending needed to make it seamless into the skin. But, the best use of all, correcting lipstick. Oh my god, it is a miracle especially for dark lipstick, as you can go horribly wrong when trying to correct it. But this pencil, you just glide on to the mistake and lightly blend and you have flawless lips.

Everyone needs this in their lives, especially if you are a lover of bold or dark lips. No mess, no fuss, beautiful lips all day everyday. For this price you just can't say no.

These are some of the most amazing products at drugstore price that I have tried in a long time. They are designed and formulated so well that they should be in every beauty lovers kit.

Have you tried any NYX products??
Stay Gorgeous

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