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Nars Makeup || Review

This year Nars has become one of my most loved beauty brands, and it's not  hard to see why. Every couple of months I seem to write a review on the most recent Nars products I couldn't help but pick up. It does almost seem obsessive, but when you take a look in TK Maxx it's not hard to see why I keep doing mini hauls, it is just so affordable and you can pick up things you never normally would at full price. So, this time we are looking at lips, eyes and nails.

I only paid (I think) £12 for these two lip crayons, a bargain and in TK Maxx no less. I have tried the lip crayons before but am always cautious when it comes to the color, but as these guys were so cheap I just had to grab them. I picked up Yu (pink shade) and Timanfaya (orange shade), to see what these guys looked like and if I was on to a winner. Well, like all the satin crayons they have a beautiful creamy consistency and are easy to apply. Yu is much more wearable out of the 2, as it isn't too in your face and it can be blended out in to a more natural pink shade. You don't need to worry to much if the color fades as it does leave a stain on the lips which helps the color last that little bit longer on your lips. Timanfaya is incredibly bold, in fact it reminds me of Morange by Mac just with a lot of golden shimmer in it. For me it is just a little too over the top, if there wasn't this shimmer running through it I might want to wear it. But, I found as it faded the shimmer was much more noticeable and a little tacky if I'm honest.

Overal these crayons are super beautiful and lovely, Nars do a huge selection so you don't need to worry that there won't be a shade for you.

Again I only paid £3.99 each (TK Maxx) for these polishes (I know!) and it is definitally a product I would never in my life pick up. Not because they are terrible, but because I don't see much point buying highend polish when the drugstore is really good. But, I thought I'd give then a go, I have Orgasm (classic coral orange with gold shimmer) and 413 BLKR (deep blue shade). The first shade I picked up was the 413 BLKR, which I think was a special collection from Nars. The color is blue and becomes darker the more coats that you apply, I think it will be a nice dark color for winter/spring time. Then I found Orgasm, a cult classic blush shade by Nars, but this time in the form of a polish. It is so beautiful I couldn't pass it up. It is a light orange coral color with beautiful golden shimmer running through it, perfect for summer and well all year round if you want.

These polishes apply really easily and dry fairly fast, a couple of coats is no problem and drys in about 3-5 minutes. I would recommend this polishes to everyone as they are just so good. Though that is if you want to spend the money, I still think drugstore polishes are just easier as they are cheaper.

This is a new one from Nars, and the story goes that they believe that this mascara is so good that they discontinued all other mascaras, a bold move. But, then again I think that they may be on to something. This mascara is amazing, firstly it is so black and makes your lashes super black and they really stand out. The want is very strange to and the bristles curl in different directions, this is to help coat all the lashes and make them appear fuller and longer. Well they definitely look longer, which might be helped by its super black color, as for fullness, yes and no. Yes it separates the lashes out and does make the base appear fuller, but no as this fullness doesn't follow up the lashes. My first time using this product I was a little disappointed, as it was super wet and went everywhere. So, I had to come up with a way to dry it out a little, so I take the wand and wave it around a little then apply it. It is less wet and that wand cats top and bottom lashes without having to re-dip the wand, amazing. 

This mascara is literally the bomb and I would recommend it to anyone after an amazing high-end mascara. It only comes in black, which I think most people go for anyway, but I think it just makes the eyes pop.

One of the new Christmas collection collaborations for Nars, this will make an amazing Christmas gift. The set comes with 5 mini Nars lipsticks, perfect for travel and to try a selection of lipsticks that you wouldn't normally try. The 5 shades are; Little Darling (creamy nude shade), Mayflower (creamy pink nude with silver shimmer), Joyous Red (nude red with gold shimmer), Jungle Red (matte classic red) and Fire Down Below (matte deep dark red). They are just beautiful shades, and are perfect all year round, they are mainly reds which means you kind of have to love red lipstick to love this collection (there is a pink collection I believe). I found that the Little Darling shade does come off almost transparent and building it up makes me look dead, so that isn't a shade I will be using, but all the rest are just amazing. They apply really well, though I have found that the matte shades can be a little drying to the lips, so I would recommend a lip balm under the lipstick or hydrating your lips regularly. 

This is is just amazing, and I would recommend it to everyone, especially if you love red lipstick. Having minis just means you can have all the fun of 5 lipsticks but don't have to break the back to buy them all.

Have you tried any Nars products??

Stay Gorgeous

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