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Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless || Review

When my mum when to the States I asked her to pick me up a few bits and two things I asked her to pick up for me where the Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless Foundation and Powder. I have seen these products used on a few Youtube videos and really wanted to try it out. I have never actually used the Fit Me range from Maybelline, as they didn't have my shade and they seemed just too same old same old. But a drugstore product that is supposed to dry matte and make your skin look poreless, who couldn't refuse.

The foundation, is like most drugstore foundations, a little on the thick side and the packaging does look a little cheap. The first thing that you notice when using this product is, that it doesn't have a pump. This is a little annoying as you usually pore out more foundation the you need, but we can get over this. Poring the product out it is fairly pale, almost too pale for my skin, but one on the face it starts to blend into my skin and become a perfect match (for my autumn/winter skin anyway). It is medium to high coverage and fairly easy to blend out, though I wouldn't recommend blending it out with a beauty blender, as this lifts the foundation off of the skin making it appear patchy. I find it can easily last a good 6-12 hours on the face depending on what I am doing, though after this it does begin to slide off the face.

The powder, is again in the same shade, so does look a little pale. It is a good powder, and I like to dust it over my face. You really need a light hand with this powder as it does come off a little powdery, and no one wants cake face. I prefer not to use this powder under the eyes or on concealer as it can cake and it doesn't always set the concealer.

Overall this range is amazing, and very mattifying, it does give you that poreless complexion, great for use large pore gals. For a drugstore it is really good and great for beginners, though if you are going out for a special event, I would go for a more higher end product or one you feel much more comfortable in. Us UK beauty lovers will also have a huge problem picking these products up as I cannot find a UK site for these yet. It is really annoying as it isn't like we don't have Maybelline in the UK (we seem to never get all the good stuff available in the US). But for you lucky US beauties, you can pick these up in Walgreens for $7.49 (Powder) and $7.29 (Foundation).

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