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Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation || Review

The Makeup Forever HD foundation was my love, my baby of highend foundations. I used it so much that it only lasted about 5 months and then I was without, until now. Back when I first picked this foundation up it was only available in the US, now you can pick it up in Debenhams. But not as the HD foundation as I remember it but as a new Ultra HD foundation. So, I was very interested if it was like the old foundation or if it was completely different, as I have heard so many good and bad things about it, I was worried that they had changed my favorite foundation for good.

First thing that you notice, especially if you have used the old HD foundation, is that the lid is a lot more secure. The old foundation had a very loose lid that it would always come off especially if you were travelling with it, not good. But, now it has a much more secure lid, great for travel, though I have found it a little too stiff at times. The color is a much better match to my skin tone, in Sephora I had to judge it by eye, as the shades were only coded, these shades come with names online which really help narrow down the shades. For this new foundation I am shade Y215 yellow alabaster, which is perfect for my pale skin with yellow undertone. Second difference, it seems to dry a lot more matte that the original HD foundation, which I actually prefer, as I love a matte finish. It doesn't dry to fast which is great, as it gives you time to blend the product out. I do like the matte finish, though I do miss the old HD foundation as it did keep my face a little more hydrated, but this new foundation is not too dehydration so I can cope with it.

I am still in love with this foundation even if it is a new formula. It still gives me perfect coverage, medium to full which can be built up. I feel like I have flawless skin with this foundation and I now have my baby back in my life. There is such a huge range of shades available with different undertones, you will be able to find your perfect shade. It may be a highend product at £29, but it really is worth it.

Have you tried any Makeup Forever products??

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