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Kat Von D Shade & Light Palette || Review

My mum recently came back from the States and I asked her to pick me up a few things if she could. One of the things I asked for and one I have been dying to get my hands on is the Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette. Nearly every Youtuber (mainly State side) has it, and it just looked amazing.

Receiving this palette was like a dream come true. Firstly the packaging is very beautiful and representative of Kat. The back of the box, told you what the names are for each powder and all the light shades begin with L and all the shadow shades begin with S, a perfect concept. Within the box, you have the beautiful palette and a little guide on how to contour and highlight your face. This is a great concept especially for beginners as it shows them in detail how it all work. Though, I must stress this, this is just a guide all face shapes are different and not all contouring and highlighting is suited for all face types. 

The palette is a card, flip lid that is held by fairly strong magnets. Opening it up, you are met with the biggest and most gorgeous mirror I own in palette form. Down from this are the 6 most beautiful powders, perfect for all skin types. The top row are all highlight shade; Lucid (a pink toned highlight), Lyric (a yellow toned highlight) and Levitation (an orange toned highlight). These powders are so beautiful and give a light subtle highlight to the face, though they are not shimmery, so if you like shimmer than it may not be the best highlighting powder. My favorite shade is Lyric as it really makes the under eyes more brighter. Below the highlight shades are the contour shades; Sombre (a greyish brown toned contour), Shadowplay (a slightly warmer brown toned contour) and Subconscious (a dark nutral brown toned contour). These shades are really good and perfect for all skin types, for me my favorite is Shadowplay as it really compliments my skin tone. I have tried Sombre but it made me look a little dead.

All of the powders are super soft and really easy to blend. I have found the contour shades are fairly pigmented so build the color up rather than packing it down. I think this is the perfect highlighting and contour palette that I have ever owned. It is available in Sephora stores and on the Sephora website. This becomes a problem for us UK beauty lovers as I have yet to find it on a UK site. This being said if you have a credit card then you can order from the Sephora website and have it shipped to the UK. It retails at $46 so it is on the high-end side, but I personally think it is well worth it.

Stay Gorgeous

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