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Benefit Operation Pore-Proof || Review

Benefit was one of the first high end brands I bought, and I bought a lot. I own a lot of their products and some of them I just couldn't like without, especially their Porefessional range. So when they bought out a new set all about their amazing range I just couldn't say no. The Operation Pore-Proof is designed like all of their kits, like a little book, which does look incredible on a book shelf trust me. inside you have 5 minis and a brush.

First up the Porefessional, one of the most amazing primers ever to be released. Since the release of this amazing primer there have been a load of pore minimising primers that have followed and only one of those has managed to prove itself against the Porefessional. In this kit you get a little 7.5 ml sample, which even though it is small lasts a heck of a long time. For me personally I have found it lasts bout 3/4 weeks if you use it nearly everyday, if you use it less it will last longer. 

Next is one I haven't used before, Dr. Feelgood, a very strange name if you ask me. It is supposed to be a facial balm, designed to mattify shine on the face. It can be used under or over makeup, though I'm not a massive fan of it going on over my makeup, but it does remove some shine. For me it doesn't remove the whole shine, but that is because I have very oily skin. The little pot does look super cute, and on opening it you have a little spounge, which is designed to apply the balm. It smells really nice and applies really smoothly to the skin. But, for me it's not really a product that I would use all the time if at all.

Porefessional Agent Zero, one of the best travel powders I have ever used. In this kit it is in a cute little pot with a little brush. This powder isn't really designed to go all over the face after you apply your makeup, but more to remove shine from your makeup. It is nearly translucent, there is a little color but it doesn't come off very dark. I like to tip a little in the lid and dust it onto the oily points of my face, usually the T-zone. This is one product that you need in full size, it just just so handy especially for travelling, and you don't need to have oily skin to love this powder.

Next is the Porefessional Lisence to Blot, a product that I wanted in full size, but in fact I actually prefer the small size, so I'm glad I didn't pick up the full size. It is in a cute tube that twists up, and the product just applies straight to the face. All good and well, but what does it do, it is supposed to blot oil from the skin. Well I don't really see it working that great, it moved my makeup when I applied it and it didn't work very well when it was under my makeup. I don't know if it will work on normal oily skin, but for my very oily skin it just didn't live up to my expectations.

Finally Shy Beam, a new liquid highlighter. At the moment you van only get this highlighter in this kit, but by the looks of it Benefit will be releasing it in full size. But this little size is enough for me as I don't use liquid highlighters a lot. It has a rose pink color to it and no shimmer, this is great to create a natural no makeup look. It is easy to apply as it has a brush attached to the lid. It does dry but you need to give it a little time which is good as you will need to blend it out lightly with your finger. 

Overall this kit is good, however I feel that you could just get a full size Porefessional and Porefessional Agent Zero, which would do you. If you are oily to normal skinned or even combination you may find all of these products perfect for you. For me though it has been a little disappointing.

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