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Battle of the Sponge

Beauty sponges are huge now, and the biggest and well known one on the market is the Beauty Blender. But have you seen the price of the Beauty Blender, at £16, so it is no wonder that there are a few brands jumping on the band wagon to bring out a cheaper alternative. But, lets face it, some beauty sponges can be terrible and others a god send, but how do you find the perfect alternative to the Beauty Blender. For this test I have picked up 3 alternatives to to Beauty Blender as well as the Beauty Blender to see what ones are just as good and which ones really should never be used. The 3 in question; Primark's Beauty Sponge, Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge and Makeup Revolution Advanced Complexion Expert.

First things first, the price. As we have already said the Beauty Blender is the most expensive at £16, Primark's Beauty Sponge is the cheapest at only £1, Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge is £5.99 and the Makeup Revolution Advanced Complexion Expert is also £5.99. So for price Primark wins, but will it actually work. All the sponges are the same size when dry and have very different textures. The Primark sponge is very stiff and feels almost rubbery, the Real Techniques sponge is softer and lighter to squeeze, the Revolution sponge is soft with a slight rubber feel and easy to squeeze but slightly harder than the Real Techniques sponge, finally the Beauty Blender feels the most like a sponge and is very easy to squeeze. So far the Real Techniques and Revolution sponges are winning. 

When the sponges have been made wet they become very different indeed. Firstly the Primark one just doesn't increase in size or become softer, it just stays small hard and stiff. The Real Techniques sponge becomes bigger and even softer, the Revolution sponge also becomes bigger and is more softer, though there is a little stiffness when squeezing it. The Beauty Blender becomes larger when wet, and is soft and bouncy, but still has that sponge feel to it. But, the real test is still to come, how well do they apply a foundation. I'm going to be using the Mac Mineralize foundation for this test.

Firstly the Beauty Blender leaves a beautiful well blended base, however, the coverage is lost, so you need to build it up if you like a more higher coverage. The Revolution sponge again leaves a beautiful blended base, however as it has a slightly stiffer feel it give the face a little more coverage. The Real Techniques sponge gives off the same results as the Beauty Blender, however it seems to hold on to water more than the Beauty Blender, meaning you need to be careful not to push to hard on the skin otherwise you'll wash off your base. Finally the Primark sponge, probably the worse one. It wasn't to bad at applying product, but it just didn't really blend it out very well. Not just that but it is very hard to use, as it doesn't move well in the hands or on the skin as it is just too stiff.

Finally how well do these sponges clean, for this I used the Beauty Blender Cleaning Balm, a solid block that you rub over your sponge. First up the Beauty Blender, it is no surprise that this sponge cleaned like a dream. All the product came out in one use and didn't leave any stain, but I must say if you have a colored Beauty Blender you may find that the color runs in the water when you wash it. The Revolution sponge is a white color, surely it will stain. Well your wrong, no staining at all though it did take a couple of washes with the balm to fully clean the product off. The Real Techniques sponge cleaned in the same way, a couple of goes got it fully clean. Finally the trouble maker, the Primark sponge it did clean, though it was incredibly hard. I had to clean it multiple time, many more than the other sponges as the product had been sucked in, but due to the touch shell it was just not coming out.

So there you have it a battle of the sponges, so who won...

1st Place: Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
It was the one that replicated the Beauty Blender that much more than the others. The price is very good and the final result using the sponge is very comparable to the Beauty Blender. 

2nd Place: Makeup Revolution Advanced Complexion Expert
Great price and great finish. I actually prefer it to the Beauty Blender as it deposit more if the product on to the face than the Beauty Blender. But, if you prefer the finish of the Beauty Blender than 1st place is your best choice.

3rd Place: Primark's Beauty Sponge
Really this shouldn't actually place as it was one of the worst sponges by far. I think you could use it to bake your face, as it is stiff enough to apply a thick layer of powder to the face. But as a foundation sponge it isn't the best. It may only be £1 but it really doesn't do anything for your makeup.

These are only a few selections of sponges available on the market. There could be even better sponges for cheaper, but these are the 3 that I could get my hands on. 

What is your sponge of choice??

Stay Gorgeous

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