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Proactiv+ Week 9

Continuing from last week, there has been little change to my face, except a few more blemishes have appeared. I worn face masks sometimes twice a day just to combat those stubborn spots. It has been a tough week to say the least.

Makeup seemed my only option the week. Wearing high coverage foundation and concealer to hide those spots that just weren't moving. Just like last week, my hormones have been going haywire, a lot more than usual. This was due to stress, and when things don't go right or happen when they are supposed to you get more stressed and the spots just stay. Well, from Saturday on-wards I can say my skin has sorted itself out.

My hormones are like a volcano, bubbles and rocks and looks horrendous. Finally it erupts, the lava (hormones) disperse and everything settles back to normal. It is a relief when this happens, like a light at the end of the tunnel. Finally my skin is back on track and all that face masking has paid off. There are still blemishes on my face going down, but I have hope that by next week they will be all but gone.

Without the help of Proactiv+, this hormonal mess would stay even longer and be a whole lot worse, for that I am grateful.

Next week is that last week for my Proactiv+ 3 Step System trial. This means there will be a lot of chat about how far my skin has come and you can see for yourself how much it has change my confidence. And maybe give you hope that life with spots is not always doom and gloom.

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Stay Gorgeous 

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