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October Favorites

It's that time again, where we look back at what we have been loving this past month. Now to start with this isn't a very long favorites post, I think it's because I was on holiday for part of it and then I was thrusted back in to Uni work. But, I must say I did really enjoy my holiday (post and vlog to come), it really gave me some time to relax and chill, a sort of mini break from blogging (as all my posts were scheduled). Coming back from my holiday and going straight back to Uni may have not be the best plan in the world, as I felt like I was in year 1 again, trying to remember how to write fast. This also meant there wasn't much time to write posts and film all my Halloween tutorials, so sorry if you were waiting for some new posts. But, now that October has come to an end, I have now started to organize my time a lot better, writing posts, filming and doing my Uni work. So, with all of this said lets jump straight into my October favorites.

My foundation of choice this month has be a new find and I think a new product over all, the Loreal True Match Genius 4 in 1 Foundation. This is a solid cream foundation that has everything in it to set up your base (primer, foundation, concealer and powder). It is just amazing it is medium to high coverage and really glides on well covering everything you go over. Once the product is on it doesn't feel heavy or cakey, but feels light and matte on the skin. I personally apply it with my Besame Cosmetics Contour Brush, which just makes the whole process super quick, taking about a minute to cover the entire face. It has just been by my side when in a rush. For the eyes it has been no contest, the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. The packaging is just super cute, but the product itself really delivers. Giving my lashes length, curl, separation and lasts all day long, it is definitely better than sex (hehe). My final beauty favorite has been for my hair and it is the Trevor Sorbie Straight Smoothing Balm. This was a life saver during my holiday, as I just didn't want to take my GHD's with me just in case they got broken. Also, last year I took my GHD's and it was pointless as I never used them. So, this year I took something completely different, and it really gave me beautiful straight hair with volume at the roots. Just take 2 to 3 pumps on to your hand and work it into towel dried hair, then just blow dry straight. It just worked wonders making my hair straight, soft and it smelt amazing. I found that it gave me a lot of root volume from the blow dry and the gel really made the hair straight and manageable. My hair even looked good the next day, it is such an amazing product I don't know why I haven't used it in so long (Post here from when I first used it).

Random Extras
My Fake Chanel Bag. Yes I know a fake, real leather just fake designer. The reason why I picked it up on holiday is simple, I will never own a real Chanel bag, even when I'm earning big bucks (just an estimate from the job that I really want with my degree) I couldn't justify that much money on a bag. But, I did look around for a decent looking one and this one was my favorite. I personally was after the maroon colored leather in the inside of the bag, as I think that just looks very professional and smart. The leather is really soft and the bag holds quite a lot of stuff which was surprising. I don't really own many smart cute bags like this, especially in black and it is like my little baby, so it had to be a favorite.

Finally my last favorite is a very random one indeed, and again is something that came home with me from my holiday, Apple Tea. I know very strange right, well me, my fiancee and his mum were hooked. We tried pellet apple tea, which looks like gravy granules and we tried the powder by Balsan (brand out there). Both very nice and very tasty, so what does it taste like. Well that's simple it tastes like hot apple juice. I know that sounds like it wouldn't taste nice but it does, especially in the heat. I drank it in restaurants, on a boat and in the villa, and now at home as well. I just love the stuff.

So that is it for my October favorites. What have been yours??

Stay Gorgeous

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