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November Favorites

What the What! November is almost finished, who'd a thought. That means Christmas is super close and the start of 2016 is upon us. As it is the end of November this will be my last monthly favorite for 2015...pause to wipe a tear...But it's not all doom and gloom as we get to enjoy the last months go to beauty favorites (and they are good ones), so without further ado lets get started.

Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation has been an all time love this month. I was really unsure whether I would like it or not as I was worried about the light reflecting partials bringing more attention to blemishes. I was so wrong, it applies like a dream and give a great medium to full coverage that feels super light on the skin. But, it is a little more dewy then matte so to set it I have been loving this next product. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder is amazing, I don't know why it has taken me this long to get it and try it. It keeps me matte for hours and is great for under my eyes as I find most powders look too thick there. It is so super fine that you only need a little bit to cover the whole face making it matte. I have the translucent powder meaning it has no color, great as most drugstore translucent powders are colored and I don't want extra color on top of my normal color. To apply this powder I have been loving the Bare Minerals Seamless Shaping and Finish brush. It is slightly tapered at the end meaning it comes to a point, perfect for getting close to the eye line. It is super soft, making the application really smooth and easy and doesn't move my foundation either. It is also a great powder to set concealers and highlighters, the one I have been loving this month is the Mac Prep and Prime Light Boost Pen. This is a yellow based highlighter (it is NOT a concealer), great for adding more light to the under eyes and the bridge of the nose. It does however sink into the skin fairly quickly, so I use it in stages, under eyes first the everywhere else. But to keep all this makeup in place I have been re-loving the Porefessional primer by Benefit. I forgot just how much I love it as I have been using a lot of other primers. Until one day I decided I would use it again and loved it again. To add that bronzer, blush and highlight to the face to bring more depth back into the face I have been obsessed with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit. This palette I have been waiting for ages to be released, it is just amazing. I have always wanted the Hourglass palettes but never caved in, then the answer to my prayers was released. Inside it has everything that I could ever want to add dimension to the face. On to the eyes, and this one has been a no brainer, the Mac Pigment in Melon. This pigment is amazing, so golden and not at all yellow, it makes a look go from good to glamorous. I have a few pigments and this one by far is my all time favorite and it is so easy to wear in the day and the night, wonderful. What do we need to finish this look off...yep that's right a beautiful lip. There was really no contest, it has been the Nars Steven Klein Killer Hills Mini Lipstick in Joyous Red. It is the perfect red for the autumn, not too bold but enough brightness for this season. I prefer to wear pure reds in winter and a nudish red in autumn, as it is a great color when the sun is out and when it isn't. The color isn't too nude though which I love and it is a great color to wear day and night. the consistency is creamy and keeps the lips hydrated especially at this time of year. It is just amazing. 

So what do you do when you have been in all this beautiful makeup all day...you wash it all off. My first step is to use a face wipe just to get the majority of it off. So what have I been loving...the Kiko Scrub and Peel face wipes. These wipes are amazing they help exfoliate the face as well as remove makeup. As one side has these raised lumps which help exfoliate the face and deep clean the pores. The other side is soft and gentle, great for removing eye makeup and any sensitive areas of the skin. One the makeup is off it is time to wash the face and I can finally tell you all what I have been loving...the Proactiv+ 3 Step System. This kit I was kindly sent by Proactiv+ and have been using it everyday for the past 10 weeks and I love it. It has given me more confidence and a better skin condition. It is great, but you can read all about that on my Week 10 post hehe.

These have been a little interesting this month, the first being audio books by Sir David Attenborough. Firstly I love him, he is one of the reasons why I love animals so much, you can't think of a wildlife documentary and not think Sir David Attenborough. The audio book are just amazing and available on the Audible app, the best part and the main reason why they are one of my loves this month is the fact he reads the books. If you want a relaxing journey on a train or plane then his book is the way to go, his voice is so soothing and calming and he reads the books so well. I just can't get enough of his voice. 

Finally Amazon Prime, I know weird. But, basically it was an accidental love, as I never meant to become a member. But, I did and took full advantage of this membership. The one day shipping is a definate favorite of mine as I have managed to do all my Christmas shopping and it isn't December yet. Knowing you can get your stuff delivered next day is great as you can plan it so you will be in and no one likes waiting for something they are really excited about. The second love in this Amazon Prime is the Prime Videos. You get to watch videos for free through Amazon, who couldn't turn this down. Well there is a slight downside to this, being not everything is free especially some old TV shows, such as season 1 of Pretty Little Liars. I really wanted to get back into it but it isn't avalible of Amazon Prime unless you want to pay for it (which I don't). But, it is still a great way to watch some films especially ones you completely forgot about.

These have been my November favorites, a lot of beauty this time. But ultimately this is my last monthly favorites post (boo). But never fear we will have Christmas posts and more beauty posts, and in the new year better quality photos...YAY! So enjoy this coming festive month and I'll see you soon.

What have been your November Favorites??

Stay Gorgeous

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