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Mac Makeup Review

So I have once again picked up a few bits from Mac, some of which were a late Birthday present. I love Mac and it's no wonder that I have a mass collection, but there have been 4 new additions to my collection. These new bit I absolutely love and just have to rave about the that little bit more.

I got the travel size to try, as I had no idea what this product would be like and if I would actually use it. It is a very strange product to be honest. It is designed to be a subtle liquid highlight, to emphasize the high points of the face. This is the whole purpose or Strobing, a reverse contour if you will. The product comes out very wet and creamy, great for dry skin. It blends out to a very subtle light shimmer shade, great for those who don't want an in your face highlight. For me I prefer to use this product as a base for my highlight. There are 2 reasons for this, first, it is very wet for my oily skin and does seem to move a little. Second, I much prefer a bold highlight to a subtle one.

As a highlight primer it is amazing, it really boosts any highlight you apply on top. For a much more subtle look it is great on its own. I think the travel size is perfect for those starting out. There is a lot of product and it will last you a while, while you get used to strobing. Unless you are going to use it on your entire face everyday the travel size is the cheaper way to go.

A cult classic for many, I don't really know how it came to be as such. I remember hearing a few Youtubers mention it and then BAM! it was all that anyone could talk about. It was so big at first that it was gone so fast online that it was near impossible to get one. But, I did finally get my hands on one, I'm not sure how many be everyone has got one now that the hype has all but gone. But any how, I now own the infamous Velvet Teddy Lipstick. With its classic Mac black packaging and smooth twist, there is no wonder than most people own a Mac lipstick. The color isn't really anything that I would actually pick up myself if there wasn't all this hype. It is a nude brown shade, that reminds me so much of the 90's growing up. It is a matte shade, so I didn't know if it would dry out my lips or not, so at this stage it could be a make or break situation. Well it isn't drying at all on the lips, though I do find if I line my lips they do get a bit dried out. The color is definitely different from most lipsticks I own, it is in fact a brown shade, maybe just slightly on the reddish brown side.

I personally think this isn't a lipstick for everyone, I find that if it comes off a bit heavy it makes me look dead. To combat this, I either put it lightly on top of a pink toned nude lip liner or I keep blending it out with my finger until I get the desired shade. I think for tanned and darker skin this lipstick as is will be perfect for you, though for very dark skin I think this lipstick will be more suited as a nude rather than a bold lip. For pale skin however, it can make you look a little dead, so I think that blending it out a bit makes it more suitable. Mac lipsticks are just so good there are so many shades to choose form that everyone will find the perfect shade for them. But, remember that all the hype may not be all its cracked up to be.

This is amazing, I cannot believe it has taken me so long to try this product. It is a light boosting pen, designed to add more light/highlight to areas of the face. This is where a lot of people get a little confused, as it is very similar to a concealer. The consistency is the same as a concealer, it is thick and for the Light Boost it is more yellow in color. I find that the yellow shade really adds more light to a pale complexion. The thing to remember for this product is not to use it as you concealer. Why? well it causes the dark circles and blemishes to stand out even more, it does give them slight coverage but highlights them in the long run. So, I would apply this after your concealer. For me this isn't a product you can apply to your face, wait and blend, as it seems to set a little quick making it hard to blend and moving the foundation and concealer already in place. This means you need to work in stages, so I do a little bit at a time, starting with under my eyes. To do all the highlighter areas of my face I usually twit the bottom up twice. 

Over all this product is fantastic, a must have in many peoples collection. It is so handy and easy to use, that I can't do my makeup without it. It really adds that boost of light and glamour to any look that you are going for. Like they say great makeup starts with a great base.

Mac pigments are the best, though I have only ever tried ones from the drugstore which I find to be too glittery. But, to me Mac is the best and there are so many colors that you just can't have one. My recent pigment is Melon, a beautiful light gold pigment, perfect for adding a touch of shimmer to the eye. The reason I grabbed Melon was because I have been seeing it around Youtube and Instagram for a while. It just looked amazing that I had to try it for myself. Mac pigments come is a fairly large pot and contain a lot of pigment, so you know you aren't going to run out any time soon (unless you spill it so be careful). Using pigments isn't to hard, just spray some Fix + or water to a brush dab into the pigment and apply to the eyes. Once applied it looks so smooth, professional and glamorous, any look goes from a 10 to 100 in seconds. 

I can say anything bad about Mac pigments they are just too good for their own good. The only downside to them are the glitters, for me they irritate my eyes so badly that they become itchy, puffy and red. So, I wouldn't recommend the glitters unless they were for body art. Pigments are just perfect and easy for everyone to use, so give them a go you might be surprised. 

I love Mac, and is it any wonder they have such a great variety and range that they have everything you could possibly need to make up a good solid makeup kit. So, far there hasn't be a product that has disappointed me that much that it has put me off, so bravo to Mac.

What's your favorite Mac product??

Stay Gorgeous

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