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Loreal Makeup || Review

Drugstore makeup now days is amazing, definitely better than when I first remember using makeup. Though there seems to be a few brands that really do makeup well, one of them being Loreal. Loreal is huge, and can be purchased in most places now days, and they cater for a lot of different skin needs and skin tones. Though, they do seem to need to start doing more lighter and darker shades of foundation and powder as it can be such a hassle finding the right shade. But here are a few recent loves that I just have to rave about.

This is a very different product then anything that I have previously used or own. It is a solid foundation, similar to the pro foundations from Mac. The packaging is very smart, with a shiny mirror base with Genius written all over it. There is also a window to see the product, this is good as you can have a good look at the shade, but they need to add more shades to the line. Lifting the lid, you have a fair sized mirror, sponge and the product itself. If you have never seen this product or the pro product from Mac, it has the consistency and appearance like concealer. What makes this product one of a kind is that it is a 4 in 1 foundation, this means it contains primer, foundation, concealer and powder. It definitely delivers with these 4  products, though for me I will still apply a little concealer and powder just to mattify the product further. It is medium to high coverage and it is buildable, being a high coverage can mean a thick consistency, this is not the case. On the skin it feels light and dry, just like a no makeup makeup look, and it applies like a dream.

This product is one of the best I have used in the drugstore at the moment, and makes my base look flawless and professional. I would recommend this product to light through to tanned skin, as they don't cater for shades darker or very light. I would also recommend this product to those with oily and blemish prone skin as it covers the blemishes up and doesn't cake them in makeup.

I don't really know why I haven't grabbed this powder before, it has a very soft texture and has a medium coverage to the skin. It is great for mattifying any foundation, with a light addition of color. This is not just a good point but also a bad one, as they don't make a translucent shade. This means that you can make your foundation darker by adding further colored powder. Not only do they not make a translucent shade they don't come in dark shades, meaning that this product is only aimed a light to tanned skin. If you are lucky enough to have a shade in this range, you will find the powder easy to apply, though it can come off a little powdery, so you need to really blend it out or spritz some Mac Fix + on to the face.

Again another powder I have yet to grab, but I have and I am very impressed. Being part of the Infallible range means that it has a lot of coverage, between medium to high, and applies very easily to the skin. The product is that good that you could wear it as a powder foundation, though like most powder foundations, can make pores look a lot larger. Though there is a bad point again to this product, the shade range is light to tan, not great at all if you are dark shinned. I think this would make a great product for all if they just added more shades.

These are a new collection from the celeb collaboration, in rose hues. The shades I have are Blake (Blake Lively) and Eva (Eva Longoria), Blake is bright pink with shimmer and Eva is a rose nude with golden shimmer, when blended out looks like the most beautiful rose gold shade. These lipsticks are a semi-matte, though slightly more on the gloss side than the matte side. They apply very smoothly to the lips and don't at all dry them out. Like most of Loreal's lipsticks they have a beautiful almost fruity scent to them.

I think this is one of the best collections from this collaboration, there are so many different shades in the rose hues that will suit all skin types (I know finally a product that suits all).

The shade I picked up was 371 Pink Passion, a light coral pink shade, and just beautiful on the lips. It is creamy and glossy and doesn't dry out the lips at all. Again, they have the classic scent that is slightly floral. There are a lot of different shades in the original collection, which means there will be a shade for everyone. 

What's your favorite Loreal product??

Stay Gorgeous

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