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Lipstick Queen Vesuvian Liquid Lipsticks || Review

Liquid lipsticks seem to be everywhere, and I'm not one to turn them down. But, there seem to be hits and misses out there, either they aren't bright enough or they are just too much on the glossy side. These Lipstick Queen Vesuvian Liquid Lipsticks are something I would usually over look, but I picked them up in a set of 3 in TK Maxx. But, don't worry you can pick them up individually for £22 each, so they are very pricey, they were a lot less of the set in TK Maxx, so keep you eye out for great deals there.

At first sight they look professional, but a little cheap. The tube is similar to the Bobbi Brown Shadow Crayons, with shiny black plastic, with Lipstick Queen written in bold. The lid is a little stiff which is great, as it means you don't have to worry about the lid coming off and ruining anything. But when you do remove the lid, you are met the the brush applicator. This is great as it makes it super easy to apply the product, but I did find it took forever to twist the product up. This was the first down point to the product, when twisting it up there is no clicking, so you can over do it, which is annoying as it can get a little messy. The shades that I got were Blush, Fuchsia and Red, just like the names the colors match, Blush is a dusty pink nude shade, Fuchsia is a deep pink shade that isn't to in your face and Red is a blood red shade. They are all beautiful and fairly pigmented, they do look a little weak in pigment when you just apply them quickly, but this is good as it gives you a hint of color, or layer it up for a more bold shade. 

Application is easy and smooth, but this brings up two new issues. Firstly there is a very unusual scent to this product, it is slightly minty with a slight twang. For some this won't be a very pleasant scent, and it doesn't seem to fade. This scent follow in to the taste, which is more minty but there is still that slight twang. The second issue is the tacky feeling, I don't like tacky glosses, and this is very similar to a gloss. It does smudge and that sticky feeling just gets everywhere. 

They are really good liquid lipsticks/glosses, but for me I think there are better ones out there. If you don't mind that tacky feeling and love gloss these will be perfect for you. There are a few other shades available though they seem to be more on the pink shade.

Have you tried anything from Lipstick Queen??

Stay Gorgeous

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