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Kiko Midnight Siren Collection || Review

Yet another great collection from Kiko. This collection is new for Christmas (so I was told) and it seems to incorporate more cream products. I picked up 5 things from this collection, but the liquid lipstick is free when you buy 3 products in this collection.

Firstly this packaging is amazing, it looks like a Christmas ball-ball or a funky poke-ball. It is a round pot in a green shimmer black shade. Beautiful just to look at. Opening it up you are met with a little mirror and the most gorgeous light golden shimmery highlighter. Being a cream highlighter it is a little tricky to apply on top of powder, but when applied does look very subtle and beautiful. It is a great and versatile product that it would look great on the lids as well as a highlighter.

In all it is such a fun product,but if you are environmentally concerned it is a lot of packaging for not much product. I love this highlighter and don't really have anything like it in this form. If the packaging didn't win you over the highlighter will.

I have 2 of these as they are amazing. I have shade 01 and 02, 01 is a shimmery gold shade and 02 is a dark brown shade with golden shimmer. They are very creamy to apply and can be blended out for a less intense and more smokey eye. At first they feel wet, but don't look it, then they dry into  beautiful long lasting shades. For a more blended look, the shimmer really pops, as the main color weakens and the shimmer just shines through. The shades can be worn alone or with one another for an even more glamorous eye.

These by far are my favorite products from this collection as they are just too beautiful. They are so easy to use and make an effortless glamorous look. I would recommend these shadow sticks to all and there are 2 other shades available if you want to try a more bold color (Blue and Purple).

This was the most disappointing product out of the collection,  as I had such high hopes for it. This is a brow pencil with highlighter, both very creamy and easy to apply. I do like the highlight pencil as a cream shadow on the lids as it is a light shimmery rose gold,  peach shade. But the brow pencil is just disappointing, not because it doesn't apply, it does and its very creamy. It is the fact that there are only 3 shades available, my shade 03 is designed for brunettes, but it is just way to dark. The other 2 shades are designed for blondes and reds, great but I feel thy just didn't have enough shades to accommodate everyone's needs.

Overall perfect for dark brunettes and even black hair, but for light brunettes to medium it isn't the best. Personally I think there are better products out there that are best suited for all different hair colors.

This was a free gift in store when you buy 3 products from this range. It is very strange I must say, and not something that I would usually go for. Firstly this is not like a normal lipstick it is actually in a bottle, so a liquid lipstick. The applicator resembles a hoof, so I'm going to call it a hoof applicator, but it applies very easily to the lips. The product is very creamy and as much as it says matte I think it is more of a semi-matte, as the color still has a light sheen to it. I does have slight transfer which is a bit of a pain but in the shade that I have 02, it doesn't look too feathered on the lips. 

There are a few shades available, but I think there will be a shade in there for all, from a nude to a red. They are so easy to apply and handy to have in your handbag, I think they are a great idea for this coming festive season.

What are your favorite Kiko products??

Stay Gorgeous

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