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InstaNatural Skin Clear Spot Treatment || Review

As some of you may know I have been working with Proactiv+ combating blemish prone skin. As my journey with Proactiv+ is starting to come to an end, it's time to find some products to continue on the great work Proactiv+ has done for my skin. So, when InstaNatural asked me to review the their Skin Clear Spot Treatment I jumped at it. The bottle is to say the least very small, but very specific, it is designed to target the blemish right on the head. There is only 1oz in the bottle and is used with a cotton pad/ball on the affected areas of the face. Being so small you might faint at the price of £59.95 but currently at Amazon it is only £17.95, which is a little better.

Application is very easy, but a word of advice, if you have a cut or popped blemish, using this product will sting. The main ingredient in this product is Salicylic Acid and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), which are used to treat acne. Salicylic Acid is one of the active ingredients in the Proactiv+ range, so high hopes were had by all. The first night I used this product my face stung a little and felt tight, but I thought it might be all part of the process. In the morning the effects wasn't as impacting as I was hoping, this is because not all my blemishes had dried out or reduced. However, this could have been expected, as most good acne treatments take a few weeks to show improvements, this is due to the body's response to the chemicals used in the treatments. With Proactiv+ it took about 2 - 3 weeks to see a full on difference to the skin. 

So far I do see a slight change in my complexion with regards to the blemishes reducing and drying out. But, I personally think you need to use the product for at least a month to see a full on difference, so I will be re-posting in about 4 weeks to tell you if time makes a difference. The one thing I will say with this product is make sure that during the day you apply a good moisturizer, as it will dry out your skin.

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