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InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask || Review

Face masks are my one true skin care weakness, I just can't get enough of them. There are so many varieties and and price ranges, each doing something different to the skin. So when InstaNatural asked me to review their Dead Sea Mud Mask, I leaped for joy. I have seen a few people on Instagram raving about this mask, so I had to join in and find out what all the fuss was about this face mask.

Firstly can I just say that this is the biggest pot of face mask mud I have ever seen, at 19oz. So, you have to accept that the price is going to be high at £49.95, though currently only £21.95 on Amazon. But when you compare it to a jar of Glam Glow that only contains 1.7floz at £50, it is definitely worth the price. The packaging is a little basic if I'm honest, but the amount of product makes up for this. The mask is designed to help detoxify and purify the skin, helping to remove excess oil from the face and help fight acne and black heads. The lid is easy enough to remove just twist, and inside the the beautiful facial mud, and a lot of it. It doesn't have any scent which is surprising as a lot of facial masks do have a scent and some can be overwhelming. Though this is good, as sometimes it can be a little toxic sitting their for 5 to 10 minutes with a scented face mask on. The mask is very easy and smooth to apply and you only need a thin layer over the face and your good to go. There are very small fine grains in the mask that help exfoliate the skin and remove any unwanted dirt from the face. The mask starts to dry after a few minutes and you will see a difference, as the mask will turn a light grey color. 

This mask is amazing, and really deep cleans your face. It is so refreshing to use after a stressful day. It also helps tighten your face up making you feel more youthful and and healthy look. This product is great for all skin types, just remember if your have dry skin to moisturize after to reduce the chance of flaky skin. 

What's your favorite facial mask??

Stay Gorgeous

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  1. I love my Lush face masks but I haven't really branched out any further than that! I can't believe how much product you get in here, the direct comparison makes Glam Glow seem even more ridiculously priced! It sounds like a lovely face mask :) great review!

    Becki, xo