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Zoella Beauty Part 2 || Review

So last year Zoella (Youtuber) brought out her own line of beauty products, I mainly picked up the Body Mist and two of the three makeup bags. I love the body mist and the makeup bags, but the other products didn't really appeal to me. Since the launch of her second beauty collection, there were a few bits I was desperate to have. After heading to my local Superdrug a few months back, one of my must haves turned into a don't need, which was the makeup bag/pencil case. Unlike the last collection this one was a whole lot smaller and would never house all my weekend makeup, so I picked up two products from the new beauty range.

This was one of the new things in the collections, as she had never released just a shower gel before. I love shower gels and this was a perfect size, so I couldn't let the opportunity pass. The 250ml bottle is frosted and has a mint green lid and label, with the product looking a pale pink color. Opening the lid you can smell the irresistible fruity musk. The product is a pearl pink and really lathers up nicely, the scent just explodes further and is a dream to apply. It cleans very well, though the only down side seems to be that the scent doesn't stay on the skin for very long.

Overall for this beautiful, fun and fragrant product, I would highly recommend it to everyone. And at only £3.50 you can't go wrong.

This is the only product that Zoella has done that resembles makeup. The pot is very basic, and the label is very fun and pretty, with light lemon yellow and pink edging. I will say that the ingredients list on mine cannot be opened as the position if the label makes it tricky to peel and reveal. It is a simple twist off lid, which is much better than the travel pots you get, but similar. The product does look a little scarey when you take the lid off, with its barbie pink look. But fear not, as it takes a few layer to build you this color. It is fairly sheer on the lips and gives them a nice glaze with a hint of pink, if you like the bold color then layer it up to achieve the right shade for you. I found it to be very hydrating on the lips, which is great as some cheap lip balms don't help to hydrate and nourish the lips. The product also has a beautiful scent of vanilla, not as strong as Mac but pretty strong to notice it.

I love this lip balm and think that it is a great effort by Zoella. It is so easy to throw into your bag when you go out and great to add that much needed hydration during both summer and winter.

Have you tried the new Zoella Beauty Collection??

Stay Gorgeous

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