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NYX Butter Lipstick || Review

I love NYX Butter Gloss, and after they released the Butter Lipsticks that is all I have been after. The creaminess of the Butter Glosses is so nice and I absolutely love it in the summer. So, I had high hopes for the NYX Butter Lipsticks. After attending Beauty Con back in May, I managed to grab a free NYX Butter Lipstick. As it was a freebie, you couldn't really see what the shades were, so I picked on that I thought would suit me and be a shade that I would love to wear. The lipstick I chose is Candy Buttons Bonbons.

The packaging is nice, it is obviously drugstore and affordable, but the packaging is a little better than the usual cheap packaging some drugstore products have. The tube is the same color as the lipstick inside and it has a clear ring, so you can actually see the product. This is a great idea for packaging, as I usually find that the color of the tube or label is never the same as the product in the inside. The top is very easy to come off, so be careful as it may fall off in bags, and not just ruin your stuff but also your lipstick. The lipstick doesn't have a scent, but it applied so easy on the lips. Just like the Butter Glosses, it is super creamy and soft on the lips. Being a lipstick it also has a bit more pigment and adds a shine to the lips with its semi-gloss finish. The color is a beautiful peachy coral shade, just the right shade that I love.

These Butter Lipsticks are amazing, though they don't last very long on the lips. They are really affordable and come in a variety of shades, so there will be a shade that is right for you. I would highly recommend these lipsticks as they are super hydrating and feel like a dream on the lips. In my opinion though, I would avoid dark colors as you will have to keep reapplying them to the lips every few hours or after eating.
(Link to Amazon as the Butter Lipsticks don't seem to be available on the NYX website yet)

What's your favorite NYX product??

Stay Gorgeous

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