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Kiko Rebel Romantic Collection || Review

Wow, its not every day you come across a great collection, especially one that is a great price and quality. The Kiko Rebel Romantic collection is beautiful, with a great selection of products from lipsticks to bronzers. The packaging is just to die for, with its velvet matte feel and rose gold font, who wouldn't want that. Not only is the packaging beautiful but the actual packaging of the product is amazing to, with further rose golds and shimmer matte blacks. I have a few products from this collection that I couldn't live without, but I'll let you be the judge of that.

These are the main reason I was drawn to this collection. I have seen many brands of contouring pencils, but they have always been high end with that just too high a price. Then these bad boys hit the shelf and everyone wanted them, even well known Youtubers couldn't resist. So what are contour pencils, well they are two pencils, one bronzer/contour and the other a highlight. Just as you would expect the bronzer is designed to add shadow, such as in the hollows of the cheeks, temples and the edges of the nose, a bit Kim K looking at first. The highlighter just adds more light and attention to high points of the face, such as the bridge of the nose, cheek bones and brow bone. These pencils are cream based, so you need to blend them out and lightly powder if you prefer the powder finish. Firstly I found these sticks really creamy and easy to apply, the bronzer stick was fairly dark and the highlight was a little on the non-existent side. When the lines were drawn I tried to blend them out, and this is where I had some trouble. I found that the bronzer wanted to stay in that line drawn and was very stubborn to blend. I tried a cheap blending sponge (wrong idea which will be explained in a future post), I then used a brush which started to blend the product, but it still wanted to stay in those lines. The highlighter just disappeared, top up was definitely needed. So, for a first try I was very disappointed with how these products turned out. But, trying them again I finally came up with a solution. To ensure even blending apply a little bit on the face at a time and blend, as just applying the lines all over the face first cause the product to dry and stick, not good. The highlighter is still a bit of a disappointment as it just doesn't show up as much as I would have liked, though it works great as a base to intensify a highlighter.

Overall I do really like this product, even though all the problems I have had with it. Personally I would recommend this product to someone with a bit more of a tan or dark skin as it did come off a little too dark on my pale complexion (I got it in medium as the light had sold out). But, if you were willing to pay more money then I would recommend a more higher end one as they seem to blend a lot easier.

This is a strange one for me, as I'm not a huge buyer of bronzers, but I just couldn't resist. Firstly the product packaging is rose gold and just stunning, but the product it self was just so different. It is mainly bronzer, but in the center is a highlight powder. I picked up mine in medium as the light seemed too reddish toned, this meant that the highlight powder in the center was a very light lilac color. Now, this lilac shade is actually what won me over as it delivers the most stunning and unexpected subtle highlight. I have pale skin and it really poped on my cheek bones,and I think it would work for a lot of skin types. The bronzer is perfect for a contour in my opinion, but could be easily used to warm the face up and that little extra shot of color really makes a natural look pop.

This product is amazing for me one of a kind. It is so smooth and silky on the skin, it's hard not to recommend it to everyone. If you love bronzers then you are gonna be head over heels for this one.

I have so many different types of liner it is hard to say which ones I prefer, and although I always grab my Collection Extreme Felt Liner, sometimes all you need is a good liquid liner. I picked up 2 shades from this range 01 and 04, 01 is a beautiful bronze shade with subtle shimmer and 04 is your basic black. I love wearing black liner, it really defines the eyes and hides falsies, so there would be no competition on that for a shade. But, shade 01 was definitely an odd one, not because of the shade, but how beautiful it looked. In my honest heart the first thing that came to mind wasn't how it would look on my eyes, but how cool it would look to add dimension to a wolf/dog look. But, I think it would look just as good as a liner. The liners are long wearing and very pigmented, great to show off that super slick cat eye. They are very easy to apply and the nib it hard enough that it doesn't bend when gliding over the lid.

In all these are really good liners, however, I wouldn't say that they are that amazing you need to rush out and grab them. I personally could have lived without them, as you could probably find something similar in the drugstore.

These are another reason why I jumped at this collection, the packaging alone won me over this its rose gold tube. But, the colors had to be perfect for me to grab. It's no surprise that 3 shades took my fancy, 01, 04 and 05. 01 sold out super fast, I managed to grab the last one. This was the only nude shade in the range and it looks amazing, it is more on the reddish nude side, but nude none the less, and what's more it suited me. I love nudes, especially nudes that suit me, they are just so versatile and can be worn day or night as well as all year round. 04 is a pillar box red, the classic red that everyone has to own in their makeup kit. This type of shade to me is perfect for autumn/winter, if you can matte it down as well it would look even more gorgeous. Shade 05 is more of a cherry red, with that almost berry red color. Again a perfect lip for the winter months. The color isn't all that is great about them, but they are creamy, meaning your lips are going to feel hydrated for longer especially in these cold months. Though, with cream color comes transfer, and these do transfer, however, they do stain the lips. I personally would top up the color when this happens as the color looks a bit bled when it is in stain form.

Overall these lipsticks are amazing and very well produced. This is one product Kiko have really excelled in. All 6 shades are perfect for the up coming colder months with their red tones, perfect for all skin colors.

This range as a whole is amazing, with so much to choose from there is anything for anyone. But, my top recommendations are the lipsticks and the contour pencils as they are just so good.

Have you tried any Kiko Cosmetics yet??

Stay Gorgeous

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