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Buxom Gloss || Review

For years I have been after the Buxom Lip Gloss, I have seen some of my favorite Youtubers using them and they look amazing. The one I really wanted was White Russian (I think that's what it's called), but when I went to my local TK Maxx, there were only a few shades that I could find. So looking through the shades I finally settled on a shade that I thought I would really like, Kanani.

The packaging looks like a normal lip gloss tube, clear with a silver lid and Buxom Lips written on the side. Twisting the lip off, you can see the long sponge wand applicator. The first thing I noticed was the smell, it has a very unusual scent at first, a strange mint twang ( more twang than mint) and after a while the smell seems to dissipate, though it still tastes a little funny. The gloss is a beautiful pinky red with silver shimmer running through it. It looks so pretty and perfect for the summer months. The first thing after apply this gloss that you notice, is the tingling sensation on the lips, a sort of menthol tingle. This is a plumping gloss, meaning it makes you lips fuller, if only for a few hours. The gloss is a little tacky, which unfortunately most glosses are now days, but it looks very smooth on the lips and doesn't dry my lips out at all.

I would highly recommend these lip glosses if you can find them or you live in the States. There is such a variety of colors and names, you can either find your color or your name. They are so fun but are an highend gloss at usually £18 ($19), if you can find them in your local TK Maxx they are only £5.99.

Have you tried Buxom Gloss??

Stay Gorgeous

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