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Bohemian Fantasy || Review

About 6 months ago a friend of mine was wearing the most adorable necklace and I had to have it. Looking on her Instagram page, I found the necklace and she said where she got it, an Etsy shop called Bohemian Fantasy. Looking at the shop there were so many things I wanted to have, but I settled with a beautiful nebular and moon necklace.

The nebular and moon necklace is a chain, though can be bought as a choker. It is a great price, and looks soo beautiful. After receiving the necklace, I received a discount on my next purchase. So, with that I ordered 2 more necklaces, one a Harry Potter theme Triangle and nebular and a crystal moon choker. The Harry Potter themed necklace, is the Deathly Hallows with the center containing the nebular. Again, this a chain necklace and a great price. The crystal moon choker is exactly what it is, a small crystal moon choker. This by far is my favorite so far, and looks beautiful. I love pairing it with the nebular moon necklace, and as the choker is adjustable you can make it longer to suit your outfit. After enjoying these necklaces so much, I knew I'd be back for more and I was. A beautiful crystal shell choker, just like the crystal moon, it was a small shell choker. It is super summery and screams mermaid.

This is such an amazing shop and I recommend you all to checking out her page. The jewelry is super affordable and she ships to the US as well. If you have never used Etsy before, it is an online space where small at home companies can sell their items. It is so easy to use and you can even select stores that are only based/ship to the UK or US. Payment is very simple to as it is all through Paypal, so give it a try, you may find something new you can't live without.

Stay Gorgeous 

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