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Bleach London || Review

6 weeks ago I changed up my hair and fell in love with it all over again. I'm not one for sitting around and having the same color and style of hair, it is the only thing that I can change with the wind.

So, I couldn't resist trying out the Bleach London's DIY Dip Dye Kit, to bring back that ombre/dip dye hair. I personally love it, I love blonde hair and it is so easy to use wash in colors with blonde hair. The kit is really easy and simple to use, and it makes you feel like a professional. The kit consists of 2 packets of bleach powder, developer,  a packet of blending gel, a pot, a brush, reincarnation mask, gloves and those all important instructions. Separating my hair, I applied the blending gel where I wanted the color to start, this way the blending gel will help the two colors blend together. Taking the powder and developer, just mix it the pot, until it is a smooth paste. Then, just apply to the hair and leave to develop for between 20-40 minutes. It is best to start with the 20 minutes as you can check the color, if its right then wash it out if not just wait a bit longer, but never exceed 40 minutes. Once your ready just rinse till water is clear and then wash it with shampoo twice, this way it will feel a lot softer and less frizzy. If you want to stop there just apply the reincarnation mask for an hour and rinse. I did an hour just to get the most out of the product and trust me it was worth it. The actual Dip Dye kit was really good, my hair changed color almost instantly and looked really nice. I personally did think it was a little orange/yellow but I was really impressed.

After I colored my hair, I went ahead and applied the Bleach London White Toner. This kit came with colorant, developer, gloves, reincarnation mask and those important instructions again. This was just a cream that you applied to the blonde hair and left for about 20 minutes. I personally didn't see any difference in my hair using this product, I think the Touch of Silver shampoo and conditioner do a much better job. After this stage just rinse the hair till the water runs clear and apply the reincarnation mask. 

My hair looked healthy and dip dyed which I loved. Then I did something that I wouldn't recommend unless you really like it, but for me going on holiday it wasn't the best idea, was to apply the wash in color Washed Up Mermaid. This is a beautiful turquoise blue shade, really nice for a mermaid look and great for a wash in color. However, as it was washing out after a few washes it turned green, this wasn't to bad, until I went on holiday. The chemicals in the pool and shower reacted with the blonde and the green color to keep the color in the hair, and actually make the color more green. It did look nice giving the hair that little bit of extra fun color, but it has been a complete hassle to remove. 

I personally think that this brand as a whole is fantastic, and super affordable. If you want to reinvent your look with a new hair venture I would highly recommend you checking out this amazing brand.

What are your favorite hair brands??

Stay Gorgeous

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