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All About Audible || Review

I've had Audible for just over 6 month, and managed to stack up 9 books. I haven't even finished reading one, that is why I have currently ended my Audible membership. Audible is an online book site, but what's good about this site, is that they are audio books. Back in the day audio books only came in the form of cassettes and usually they were designed for the blind/partially sighted. But, now they have become one of the most vastly used ways to read your latest book. I all honestly I still buy books, as I love the feel, the smell and the speed of books. You can read them in your own way and the characters voices come to life in your head. But, now and again I do like to listen to a good book. It is such as easy way of reading the latest novel, especially when you are busy. My audio books come in very handy when I am walking anywhere, or on a commute, just select a book and get lost in it. There are several contracts you can have with Audible, but the one that is most used and the one that I was on was £7.99 a month and you got one free book. This is great especially when your like me and don't listen to them everyday, however, if your are a speedy reader or have the money to pay more on the contract then there are contracts that give you three free books a month. 

For me the one book a month was great, but it got to the point where I couldn't think of any more books I wanted and I wasn't finishing any that I had. So, I took the decision to cancel my membership. This is very easy and simple, though I would advise you to do it online so you can reply to all the jargon that comes with the cancellation. If you can get through your books within 90 days then there is the option to suspend the membership for this period, for me though 90 days is just not gonna cut it. Ah but never fear, you still get to keep you books and when you are ready you can have your membership back, all you have to do is phone or email them. I have so many hours of books left, that this is a great option for me, and with being on my holidays, its a great excuse to catch up on my books.

The books that I own are:
  • David Attenborough's Life Stories
  • David Attenborough's New Life Stories
  • Gone Girl
  • Fifty Shades of Grey
  • The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor
  • The Zombie Survival Guide
  • The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury
  • Jurassic Park
  • Orange is the New Black
Some of these I already have in book form, but it saves space and weight to have them in this form. If you love David Attenborough as much as I do, then you will love his audio books, as he narrates them. They are the perfect books to listen to when you want to relax, his voice is just so nice and classic, most animal lovers love him. For other books it seems to be hit and miss with who reads them, I have found a lot of them are narrated by Americans, it doesn't bother me, but some people it may annoy. 

The books aren't the only thing that is great about Audible, you also get to change the speed it is read to you, and you can skip chapters or go back. Every time you leave Audible, it saves your spot and reads a few words back just so you remember where you get to. Audible also tracks your progress and gives you medal rewards for how you have read your book. Such as the Deja Vu, where you have re-listened to the same book again.

I love Audible as it gives me the freedom to listen to a good book when I am busy. I know so many people rave about this app, but it really is life changing. So give it a go, you never know what these books might inspire you to do.

Stay Gorgeous

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