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September Favorites

As you are reading this I will be off exploring beautiful Turkey. But, as it is the end of September it is nice to look back at what we have been loving over the past 4 weeks. For a change I have been loving a little bit more than I have the last couple of months. Like always I'll split it into Beauty and Extras, so lets get to it.

The first thing I have been loving is the new Zoella Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel. This stuff is so nice and so cheap. It has a slight musky scent to it, which I personally love and it really foams up when using it. I feel super clean and fresh after I've used it and my fiancee always comments on the nice scent it leaves my skin. 

You may have seen on my Instagram and various other places that my hair is now back to it's ombre color and that I had also experimented with a few other wash in dyes. So, it doesn't come as a big surprise that I have been obsessed with Bleach London this month. I loved the Rose color and it really looked nice in the hair, though, I would have liked it to have stayed longer and look more rose (if I had ombre hair to start with). I recently used the Dip Dye Kit from Bleach London to achieve, my now perfect ombre hair and loved it. The kit itself is pretty affordable and looks very professional, with the brush and pot. The application process was really easy and you could see the color change in front of your eyes. I would recommend this kit if you are after a very vibrant blonde ombre. But, as it is bleach that you are using on the hair, it can be damaging. This is where my final Bleach London favorite comes in, the Reincarnation Mask. This mask is incredible, my hair looked and felt more healthier after I used this then before I had even dyed my hair. My split ends had almost gone and my hair was soft and shiny, just like new. Its super affordable and well worth grabbing. 

I have also been loving the InstaNatural Pure Argan Oil in my hair. It just gives my hair that little bit of a boost, extra sleek and shine. It is so easy to use and I feel has made some improvement to my hair, especially at how long is looks great for. It's great at keeping those fly-a-ways down as well as minimizing those darn hang nails.

Makeup wise there really hasn't been that much, but the two that I have been loving are huge cult favorites at the moment. I finally got my hands on the Mac Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick, and I love it. I don't own the Mac Lip Pencil that everyone pairs it with, but I pair it with Bobbi Browns Balett Pink Liner. It just looks so nice and seems to suit everyone, it is almost the classic '90's lip, which I still kinda love. Along with this 90's style lipstick, strobing seems to be the biggest trend (which can I say has been around for years). So, I couldn't resist to pick up the Mac Strobe Cream. It is a very strange product thought I do like it, it adds a subtle highlighted effect that looks very natural. But, what I like to do is use it almost like a base and add more highlight on top, it makes the highlight stand out and really shows off the strobing effect.

Well as you may know I am going on Holiday, so it comes as no surprise that all my Extras are my favorites because of my holiday. The first are my 2 new pairs of sunglasses from Primark. These were both £1 in the men's section of Primark and I love them. The first pair are black frames with silver reflective lenses, which really protect the eyes as the lenses are pretty dark. These seem to be my go to sunnies at the moment as they are big and beautiful. The second are rose gold frames with this orangeish reflective lens. They are Police style glasses and look really cute on, though I would have liked the lenses to be bigger. They aren't the best out of the two for eye protection, but they will be great around the pool.

Finally two games, ready for my holiday trip. Plague Inc has been mentioned in a favorites before and it is being mentioned again. I love this game and it is one of the few games you can play that doesn't require internet. The purpose of the game is to get your virus (or whatever you plague is) to infect the world and kill them off. Well I had completed all the levels and really haven't being playing on it for months. Then I decided to unlock the full game and two extra levels (this does cost) and I am now completely obsessed with it again. I love playing Zombie Mode (based on World War Z) as it is a very different way to play the game. This is going to be one of a bunch of entertainment things for me on the plane and in the villa. The second game is The Walking Dead, which is based on the hit TV show (and Book) The Walking Dead. Unfortunately this game does require the net so will only be playing it in the villa, but it's still an addictive game. You have a town which you expand with upgrading the Town Hall, you can earn wood and food which helps make and build stuff as well as level up and train your people. As well as your town, you also travel on the main mission trail, defeating zombies and people as you go. Though, on this main mission you get asked questions, which determines the journey, as you can kill people now (seem bad) or kill people later (seem good). But, what ever you decide the trail ends up the same, as well as the main mission you get special missions that can help you gain more equipment, food or gear as well as unlocking new characters. These missions all have time limits and some can be hard, but usually the EASY tasks are a lot quicker and easier to do to get all the things you want. I love both these games and just cannot stop playing them, its a little bit of an addiction.

These have been all my September favorites, what have been yours??

Stay Gorgeous

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