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Proactiv+ || Week 2

Another week down and I am still travelling through my Proactiv+ journey. I have seen even more improvements to my skin that I am so happy about. But, this week has been a struggle.

As you know I am going on holiday tomorrow, so I have been super busy making sure everything is ready to go, and that I am prepped for when I come back, as I start my second year of uni. Not to stop there I have been suffering with a cold and trying to get stuff, sold on Ebay, sent off. So a very busy week. So creating time during the morning and evening to do my Proactiv+ routine has been hard, but I managed it in the end.

So what has been going on with my skin, well break outs are becoming smaller. If I do get a spot it is usually small and hardly noticeable. This is great for me as I used to get these huge under the skin spots that would linger for weeks. But, with that being said I did find a huge under the skin spot one morning and freaked out. But after my daily routines and an emergency night treatment, it went down, wasn't sore and pretty much disappeared, GREAT!

As my face is improving, my makeup is becoming less. As I don't need to hide huge blemishes, I only need some foundation and that's it, I do use concealer still but that is mainly for my under eye circles. It is so strange seeing the improvements to my skin, especially when I wear makeup as I seem to notice it a lot more. I am loving this journey so far and for my skin to improve this much in just 2 weeks, I can't wait for the other 8 have to show me just how great my skin can look.

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Stay Gorgeous

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