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Proactiv+ || Week 1

Week 1 of the Proactiv+ 3 Step System, and my face looks like this...

Granted it's not completely clear and I do have a few new blemishes, but it is only the start. I am really enjoying the whole process of deep cleaning my skin and keeping it well hydrated. My facial routine always differed, as I am always trying to find new products to try to help the appearance of my face. But, by only being a three step routine it's a lot regimented and quicker. I still like to wash my face with the Body Shop Camomile Facial Butter before I start, just to remove any stubborn makeup that may be lurking. 

So far my pores are a lot smaller in appearance, which is great, finally small pores. This is great and it also means that my blemishes are a lot smaller in size and seem to be reducing. The texture of my skin has also improved immensely, it feels softer and smoother and looks a lot cleaner (not that my face looked dirty before).

To help the process along, I have been using the Proactiv+ Skin Purifying Mask, not just as an all over mask, but as an on the spot over night treatment for tough spots. It is a very strange look to have these white dots over your face, but the results were great. The spots went down and so did the redness, and for some smaller spots they had gone all together. 

So far I am really loving the results and I cannot wait to see what my skin is like by the end of the trial.

Get your Proactiv+ 3 Step System (£19.99 + p&p) at www.proactiv.co.uk

Stay Gorgeous

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