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Lord and Berry Makeup || Review

I have heard of Lord and Berry before, but I have never owned any of the beauty products, until now. Like most of my recent collections I picked up these bits in TK Maxx, I never thought I'd buy a lot of beauty from there but I can't fault it, its amazing. I only picked up three things from Lord and Berry but I do like them.

I will say this now, I actually broke the lipstick when I got it, oops. So, I have now de-potted it into a pot so I can use it without it breaking on me. But, with that said if I hadn't of broken it I would have been a prefect lipstick to throw in your bag. The packaging is very professional with its sleek black tube with Lord and Berry written on the side, similar to Bobbi Brown's packaging. The lid feels a little tight, though this is good as it means that it wont come off if it is in your bag. Twisting up the lipstick, you are met with this beautiful nude pinky brown shade, prefect for that everyday look. It is a satin lipstick, meaning that there is some glossy finish to the it, which does make it look even more beautiful. Unlike most highend lipsticks it doesn't have that vanilla scent but a more perfume scent which is not over powering and I actually think it smells very classic. Believe it or not, it actually remind me of my grandma so I love it even more, which is why I'm a little sad I broke it.

This lipstick by far is one of my favorites and a great everyday lipstick. I think this would look great on dark and pale skins, though it may was out some tanned skins. I would highly recommend you go check their lipsticks out as you will not be disappointed.
(Link is for the lipsticks, but not exact one) 

If you didn't know this product was a lip balm, you would think it was another lipstick. With the packaging being identical to the lipstick, it can be hard to tell what you had without looking at the bottom. Twisting the product up you can see a white lipstick, which does have a vanilla scent, the white color to the lip balm is actually clear when applied. I love this product as it is such an easy to use lip balm, as it is designed the same way as a lipstick with the slanted top. I would highly recommend this product, as it is so hydrating on the lips and doesn't feel to thick either. I have used this when my lips have been dry from wind burn and it made them feel super hydrated and stopped them from cracking. A big thumbs up from me for this product.

This is a huge liner, with its kohl liner on one end and smudger on the other, it is a monster. The packaging is a maroon color with all the info written around the pencil. The lid is very secure on the liner, which is good as the product is super super creamy. It is a purple shade of liner, very different from the liners I usually go for, but it looks very nice and would be a great alternative color for the autumn months. I personally don't like the smudger, as I have found it to smudge the product too much making it look more like a bruise instead of a beautiful purple liner.

Over all, I don't think I would recommend this product unless in black or brown as it is just too soft. However, for me I can find it a perfect place in my special fx kit as you can never have enough bruise products.
(Link to black version of the product)

Lord and Berry is a great brand to try, though, I think out of these products I am more likely to recommend the lip balm and lipstick. 

Have you tried Lord and Berry??

Stay Gorgeous

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  1. I really like Lord & Berry Bronzers. It's a shame you weren't a fan on the eyeliner. I think it is a great colour for a lip liner instead!

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