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Lipstick Queen: Frog Prince || Review

I have never heard of Lipstick Queen until moving to Surrey and having a Space NK on my doorstep. My first purchase just so happened to be such a strange and brand new product, Frog Prince. This lipstick has got a huge following in the States and it is highly sort after and reviewed, so getting my hands on it before it was gone was huge. If you have ever seen, own or tried the Barry M Genie Lipstick then this is just a highend version. 

The packaging is very professional in a pink metallic tube. Twisting the product up is very easy and you are met with the most unusual colored lipstick, green. This is a very deceptive lipstick as it isn't green at all, but the most beautiful rose shade. Like the Barry M lipstick, it adapts to your lip shade and changes to the perfect rose shade for you. Unlike the Barry M lipstick, it is much more subtle and beautiful, as I found that the Barry M lipstick comes off a lot more pink than rose, which does look a little tacky and over the top. 

I love this product as a beautiful everyday pink shade, as you cannot fault its uniqueness. I think this will be one of the most beautiful lipsticks to wear for a wedding as it isn't too dramatic. It is expensive at £22, but it is so worth it to have a one of a kind rose shade that's unique to you and you alone.

Have you tried Lipstick Queen yet??

Stay Gorgeous

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