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Illamasqua Makeup || Review

TK Maxx is literally my hub to try new and expensive beauty for a cheap price, and a few months back they were selling a load of Illamasqua products, so I had to give them. With the beautiful products I had already picked up I couldn't help myself when I went up to London, so I picked up a shadow quad as well. In my opinion these products are amazing, but I'll review them all so you can be the judge.

This lipstick packaging is amazing, it is super professional and sleek with the back packaging in the same shape as all Illamasqua products. It is really easy to twist the product up and apply, though I did find it a little stiff to first apply, as it needed a little bit of warming up. The shade a light plumb red shade, a perfect nude shade for dark skins and a bold lip for pale skins. The product does have a slight vanilla scent similar to Mac, however no where near as strong.

The lipstick itself is fairly matte with slight shine, but it does not dry out the lips. This product lasts all day and for me is a perfect shade for autumn/winter, I would recommend this lipstick to anyone after that light plumb red shade.
(Link is to similar shade)

This is a very strange product and very unique to anything I have come across. It looks like a cream shadow and can be used as such, but it can also be used on the lips as well as the rest of the body as a type of body paint. the packaging is the classic Illamasqua packaging, with a lip that pops off and on very easily without being loose. The shade itself is a very gold color and dries very fast, so if you are after a light hint of the product you need to work quick. Even though, this product is very quick drying, it doesn't dry out the skin, meaning you can wear it for long periods of time and not feel dry and flaky.

If you are very into your makeup or do a lot of theater/special fx makeup I think this will be a perfect product to have. They do come in a few other shades which I think is perfect for doing glamorous fashion looks.

This is a light black/dark grey liner, which can be used any where on the body. For me this liner is very tricky to use, not for being to soft but for being very hard. When applied to the skin like a normal eyeliner it leaves a light thin line, to get that darker thicker line you really need to push on the product. This pushing of the product can damage the skin, I have tried to apply the product not just on its own but on top of product, but it still seems to not come out. The packaging is very simple like most liners you find on the market.

In my opinion I wouldn't recommend this product as it is very harsh on the skin to get the product to work. If the product was a little softer it would be perfect but it isn't, so stay away from the body liners.
(Link is to similar shade)

This is picked up from Illamasqua and I was really excited to play around with it. Personally I love it, though I think I would like a few more palettes as I need a few more color selections. The packaging again is the classic Illamasqua box, with a huge mirror and four beautiful shadows. The shades are Blink (light pinky brown), Synth (pink with pink and lilac glitter), Slick (similar to Mac Blue/brown pigment, just pressed) and Fervent (cream black/grey with silver glitter). I think the colors are so beautiful, but I do think that a darker base and deeper brown would go better with these shadows as on their own do look a little funny on pale skin. However, on dark skin these shadows will look amazing, they blend really well and last a long time on the eyes.

I love the quads so much, I would recommend them to anyone as there are so many to choose from you will be able to find the perfect palette for you.

I am in love with the polishes, they are by far the best that I have ever owned. They last for such a long time without chipping and they are super opaque, two coats and your done. My favorite is Cameo (a powder blue gloss) it is perfect for spring/summer, they just dry fast and have minimal chipping to them. The other shades I own are Swinger (a gold shimmer), Trilliant (a pink glitter which tends to dry matte), Glitterati (a redish plumb shade with a lot of glitter in different sizes and colors) and Viridian (a emerald green shimmer shade).

I think that these polishes by far are my favorite from the hundreds of others I own. They are really easy to get your hands on at the moment in your local TK Maxx at between £3.99 to £5.99.

I think Illamasqua is such a beautiful and professional brand, not just for beauty but for theater/special fx makeup. I highly recommend you check them out and try at least one thing from them.

Have you tried Illamasqua??

Stay Gorgeous

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