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I Heart Makeup: I Heart Chocolate Palette || Review

When I first saw this palette I thought it was a great idea with the packaging and name. As it is a drugstore brand under the same name as Revolution Makeup at Superdrug it was pretty cheap so I knew I had to have it. The I Heart Chocolate palette, is great value for money at £7.99 and a great dupe to the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette, just without the coco powder. To be honest majority of the I heart Makeup products are dupes to Too Faced right down to dupes of the melted lipsticks.

The packaging is what got me to buy it as it is so unusual, with the style of a chocolate bar being melted. It is very cheap looking though as it is very very plastic. With very cheap packaging comes the tough opening and this palette is no exception, it is hard to open the palette, so be warned the spounge applicator can come flying out. Opening the palette you are faced with a huge mirror great for applying makeup on the go or when you go off on holiday. The lay out of the shadows is very similar to the Chocolate palette by Too Faced, with 2 long highlighting shades on the top and bottom row with the rest being normal sized shadows. The shadows are all browns and bronzes with the exception of a matte pink shadow ( Meet Chocolate) and a shimmer purple shadow (Unforgivable). unlike the Too Faced palette the names don't really reflect chocolate, though the palette is great for everyone, whether you are after matte or shimmer shadows, some are a little more shimmer then others but they still are really beautiful. Most of the shadows have a creamy consistency which is really nice to apply as they glide on and blend really well, though there are a few shades that fell a little gritty and don't apply as well. There is minimal to no fall out from these shadows as long as you blend them well, and they do last a long time on the eye, though there is slight fading.

Over all this palette is amazing and super cheap, if you are after the Too faced Chocolate Bar palette but can't find it or have the money for it, this is your answer. They are so identical that you could to the same look on each eye with both palettes and you wouldn't be able to see the difference. If you are after some cheap dupes to the Too Faced brand I would highly recommend checking out I Heart Makeup, as you might just find what you have been after for a while.

Have you tried I Heart Makeup??

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