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Glam Glow Exfoliating Mask || Review

Ever since watching beauty videos on Youtube I have wanted a Glam Glow facial mask. After looking into them the one I desperately wanted was the Exfoliating Mask. There are three types of facial mask from Glam Glow, the most popular being the Hydration mask, then the Exfoliating mask and finally the Supermud mask, they also do a Powermud mask but it seems to be harder to find. The exfoliating mask is great if you have blemishes, as it helps deep clean pores, remove dead skin and fight blemishes. As I have large pores and blemishes this was the one I wanted and only time would tell when I would have it in my hands.

Well the time came and I had it in my hands and was super excited. With its professional looking box, screaming at me to buy it, I gave in and spent the £50 to make it mine. Yes this is very expensive for a facial mask, I do personally think it is a ridiculous price. But, after trying it out and how long its lasted and continues to go on, it has been a very good investment. The product isn't very big compared to some that you can buy from The Body Shop or Boots, but I found a little goes a long way. Unscrewing the lid, you can smell the mask. It's not over powering but it is a little strange. The product is a gray color with dark gray flacks in it, I have no clue what the flacks are but they could be the volcanic pumice rock. Application is pretty easy, just take some and apply to the face, it dries pretty quick and you can see where it has dried, great as you know exactly when to wash it off. There is a tingling sensation when first applied, this is fine and helps plump up the face, but if this tingle turns to a burning feeling or burns after you have washed it off, don't use it as it may have caused you and allergic reaction.

This product boasts that it brightens skin, makes the face softer and smoother as well as looking tighter and cleaner after first use. I personally agree with all those statements, I really do see such a difference in my skin and love the glow it gives me. Unlike most facial masks where you see the benefits and then it fades, this mask does the exact opposite. I have found that one use once or twice a month gives you tighter, smoother, radiant skin that lasts. So having a product that does what it says on the tin and the benefits lasting a long time, it is well worth the price.

Over all I would recommend this product as it does exactly what you want it to. It is pricey as I have said before, so it should be an investment. As it is more of an investment I would first consider your skin's needs, as you don't want to get an exfoliating mask when you really need a hydrating one, as it will be a waste of money.

What are your favorite facial masks??

Stay Gorgeous 

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