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Top Shop Beauty || Review

I have been wanting to buy a few things from the beauty range in Top Shop for ages, but never picked anything up, till now. I only picked up a few things as my local Top Shop had a revamp and there were only a few of the lip bullets and lipsticks available.

I have wanted a lip bullet from Top Shop for ages and when I went to chose a shade I was shocked to find only three shades were available, compared to the 5 or 10 a few weeks before. After my local Top Shop had its revamp they were only selling three shades a bright purple, bright orange and a bright pink (Back in the Game). I chose the bright pink as it was the only one I didn't have dupes for and that I could blend out and make it look a lot less bight. The packaging is the classic white and grey striped with a clear plastic lip. I'm not a fan of these clear lids as they always catch the product when going on meaning it spreads all over the tube. Being a plastic tube, it pushes the product up by twisting the bottom, which is great as it means you will not loose too much product. It is super creamy and blends out on the lips really well, there isn't much of a scent to it which is good as it means there isn't a horrible smell on your lips. As for staying power, I think it lasts a good few hours, I think it lasts a lot longer when blended out as there is less product to come off the lips. 

Overall I love this product it is just a shame that my local Top Shop don't sell some more natural shades or red shades as I would jump all over them. I would recommend anyone these, especially if you are a beginner in makeup as they are super easy to use. (Link is for a different Lip Bullet as I couldn't find the right shade)

I'm a huge lipstick fend, and have really got into my lipsticks over the past few years and now I'm obsessed. A good lipstick can really finish off the most basic look, especially a good nude. I own a few nude shades and thought I would trust in a nude shade for my first Top Shop lipstick. Just like the lip bullets, there weren't that many shades available, I think they had about 5 shades and most of them were either bright pink or red. I picked up the trusted nude shade Innocent to try, the packaging like the lip bullet is the classic while and grey stripes. The case is metal meaning it is a lot more secure and classy. The lipstick inside is this beautiful nude pink, and it is very creamy, though a little dryer than the bullet. It does have a slight vanilla scent, though nothing as strong as Mac lipsticks.

Overall I think it is a great lipstick to own, and the range is beautiful. I wish I had more to choose from as I would have picked up a couple. (Link is for a different Lipstick as I couldn't find the right shade)

When I saw these shadows I knew I had to have them, I have only ever seen 4 shadows like these in Top Shop, so there isn't a great choice but these are the best 2. The first, Shuffle is a gold shadow very pigmented with a rose gold/peach shimmer all the way through it. The second, Wax & Wane is slightly similar to Macs pigment Blue/Brown, as it is a reddish toned brown with a blue/purple shimmer running all the way through it. They are super beautiful and look stunning on the eye, especially as a focal point shadow. The only thing I have found is it can have fall out when first applying it, so a bit of Fix + on a brush will help. With the fall out I have also found that the shadow does transfer slightly on the area between lid and brow. 

Overall these shadows are just stunning, and at only £9 they are well worth the money.

These were the first beauty product I picked up from Top Shop, as I thought they would be my best starting point and I was not disappointed. Alchemy is a very unusual shade, as it looks purple in the bottle with a color change to a brownish gold shade, all of it having a slight shimmer. However, when applied on the nail it doesn't look very nice, so I like to apply it onto a purple shade to intensify the purple shade. Adrenalin is a top coat of glitter, but what I love is that the glitter is holographic. One of my favorite polishes is the Holographic shade from Urban Outfitters, so getting a polish with holographic glitter was amazing. it has a pink polish with the glitter, which gives it a pink tone, but it looks amazing on gold polish or even pink polish. On gold, it looks rose gold with glitter and on a pink polish it just stands out even more.

I love the Top Shop polishes and would recommend them to everyone as they dry pretty quickly and look beautiful. They also sell Matte polishes as well, so there is something for everyone.

What are your favorite Top Shop Beauty Products??

Stay Gorgeous

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