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The Balm Makeup || Review

For years I have been seeing American and Australian Youtubers talk about The Balm products and have really wanted to try some, especially the Mary Lou-Manizer highlighter. A few months back I saw that Superdrug were selling The Balm products online, and then I found it, a Superdrug store that sold The Balm in person. It was like opening Pandora's Box, I wanted everything, but I settled for three things:

I first saw this blush on Youtube and wanted to give it a go, as it is nothing like what I own. The packaging is super cute, with an old style pin up girl image it just looks so fun and beautiful. Opening the flap, you have a small mirror, perfect for on the go top up. The blush is huge, and a beautiful berry pink shade, with a hint of shimmer. It looks so nice, applied lightly on the skin for a subtle hint of color or deepen the color for a more dramatic look. 

I think this shade would look perfect on tanned or darker skins, as it would compliment the tones so well. Though, I don't think pale skins should shy away from it as applied lightly looks super beautiful to. It can also be used as a shadow as well, which is great for multi-purpose and to deepen any crease. 

This palette I though, was very interesting as it is so small and supposedly can be used for the whole face. Again the packaging has an old style pin up girl on just like a driver's license. Opening the flap you are met with a mirror, great for on the go for a face palette, and 3 powdered products. The first being a light pinky peach blush and shadow, perfect for all skin types and can be applied as light or as dark as you like. The second is a highlighter, which is a champagne pink shade, beautiful and creamy to apply leaving a hint of shimmer and shine, it can also be used as a shadow. The final two products can be used as shadows and are both brows. The first being a matte light brown, perfect as a transition shade and can also be used to fill in the brows. The second is a darker brown with gold shimmer running through it, perfect for deepening the crease or even to line the eyes.

This palette is just perfect and a great idea, especially for travel as everything has a multiple use and it is so small it won't take up to much room. 

This is the big one, the one I have been wanting for years, the Mary Lou-Manizer. It is a huge highlight powder, on the front you see again a pin up girl being (policed) booked. The packaging isn't card like the other two but a sturdy plastic. Again huge mirror, and a load of beautiful product, it is highlight pigmented with shimmer, giving you and epic glow. The color is very golden and beautiful, it would look great on a tan or darker skins, I'm pale and I even love it but when I have a slight tan it looks even more amazing. You can blend this product out if you want, but it doesn't compromise the color of shimmer at all.

If you only ever buy one thing from The Balm, make it this one as it will be your new best friend for life.

What's your favorite Balm product??

Stay Gorgeous

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