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Stila Makeup || Review

I love Stila makeup and quite a few months back TK Maxx were selling products from them for a steal, and I just couldn't walk away seeing them that cheap. So, I walked away with a whole bunch of stuff oops.

This is a liquid shimmer, great for highlighting the cheek bones. At the moment Rose Gold is all the rage and I am not immune to its beauty, but every brand has a different thought when it comes to rose gold. I have found that you get a rose gold that is more rose then gold or more gold than rose, in my oppinion I think it should be slightly more gold then rose, but this product does seem to favour the rose more. However, when the light hits it you are met with the most beautiful golden shimmer sparkling all over the place. It is super easy to apply, as it is like a large nail polish and has a wand brush in the lid. When you do apply it, it does need to be blended out, other wise it looks runny and very rose. 

This is such a lovely product, though I would recommend it to dry skins, as it is liquid. If you are someone who likes to powder, you will need to apply it under the powder, which compromises the color and shimmer, but you can still give it a go.

This is such a beautiful palette, and I love this one compared to the In The Moment palette. It is in a green card box and opens with a flap, opening it up you are met with a lovely quote and 10 beautiful shades. The set also comes with a mini smudge stick in Starfish, which I think is great as it means more for your money, not to mention it is a glittery product with a slight green hue to it. The shadows in the palette are;

  • Chinois
  • Breeze
  • Bark
  • Freesia
  • Rosette
  • Nectar
  • Honey
  • Sage
  • Moss
  • Juniper

They are mainly shimmer shades, but there are two matte shades, great as bases or transition shades. They all seem to have a green hue, though there are some coppers and bronzes as well as a blue and purple. Comparing the two palettes, I would recommend this palette to anyone, as it is a nice natural palette, with a couple of popping colors to help create a subtle night look.

Compared to the In The Garden palette, it isn't my favorite. Not only that but it was damaged by the time I got home, this is why I don''t have a smudge stick in this set as it was so broken and dry it would have damaged my eyes. But, like the In The Garden palette it is presented in a purple card box, which is why it managed to get damaged easily. Again, it comes with a wonderful quote and 10 shadows. The shadows are;

  • Instinct
  • Impulse
  • Glance
  • Improvise
  • Catalyst
  • Desire
  • Wonder
  • Spontaneous
  • Whim
  • Captivate

These shadows are mainly shimmer shades with one matte shade. and they are all super creamy and easy to blend, the same as the In The Garden palette. All the shadows have a purple hue to them or are purple, the rest are light copper/pink shades. I think this palette is great for a nigh look, and maybe a very basic day look. Overall I would recommend this palette if you like purple shadows, but if you are after a palette that can take you from day to night rather then all night it probably isn't for you.

This product is just like a shadow crayon, but can be used as a liner. For the price the packaging does seem a little too plastic, especially when you turn the product up. The color of the packaging is a little misleading as it looks like a beautiful champagne shade, but when you twist the product up it is in fact a golden bronze shade. It applies super easy to the lids, with its almost a creamy consistency. But once on the lids, it drys and stays all day without budging. The product is a shimmer shade, so if you aren't into shimmer then this may not be the thing for you. But, if you want a beautiful summer shade that will last even in the pool grab this while you can, and don't worry about the tip needing sharpening, it comes with one on the bottom.

I only own one shadow from Stila and that is the iconic Kitten, which is one of my favorite and most beautiful shadow, so finding another beautiful shadow I bit at the chance. They were selling a few broken reds and then I saw this beautiful blue shade. The packaging looks very professional and really showcases the product well, with the beautiful blue shade with a lot of silver glitter and shimmer running through it. Application is so easy and the product feel so creamy, however, the blue doesn't seem to come out as well as it looks. The shimmer and glitter really shine, especially in the light, so it can be a little messy. To try and intensify the blue and keep the shimmer in place I have sprayed Fix + on a brush, this just helps fix everything in place and really helps keep the pigment to the shadow. 

These shadows are amazing and there are a so many shades available, that you'll be able to find the perfect shade for you.

This product is something I still don't really understand, but I use it as a lip color. Though, you can use it as a primer, blush, lip color and an eye shadow, though it is so pink I don't think anyone would use it as a primer. It is presented in a pink champagne tube, which does look really professional, unscrewing the lid, the applicator looks like a lip gloss nub (not sure what you call it). The shade is a beautiful nude pink shade, which looks great on the lips and beautiful on the cheeks as a cream blush. The thing that gets me though is the consistency, as it is really creamy and think with an almost powdery texture. It is great at hydrating the lips, but it doesn't seem to dry very well, meaning that it will blend out more and move if touched. 

I think this is a great product on the lips, but as a blush I would mainly recommend it to dry skins as it should keep skin hydrated and beautiful.

I know lip gloss, not everyone's cup of tea, especially mine but I picked up 6. In actual fact they actually come in sets of three, so I only bought two different packs. I personally didn't read the names of the glosses, but was super excited and surprised when I saw that on of them was Kitten. The tubes look so professional, in their clear tubes, twisting bottoms and brush applicators. All of them have shimmer, though two shades have very slight shimmer compared to the rest and they all are pretty nude shades with dark nudes and pink nudes. Application is really easy, as you twist the bottom till product comes up and then you apply with the brush. Just like all glosses it has that horrible annoying tacky feeling to it, though applied lightly it seems to feel less tacky. When it is on the lips it looks super glossy and shiny not like it was tacky at all. On the plus side they smell so nice, like a mixture of floral and sweet, which is great as some glosses usually have a horrible plastic scent.

Overall if you love gloss then these will be your best friend, though for someone who doesn't like the tackiness it is a little hard. But, lightly applied on top of lipstick really gives it a boost and makes it a bit more bearable. 

What are your favorite Stila products??

Stay Gorgeous

(All prices as based on real sale no TK Maxx, check your local TK Maxx first for cheap deal)

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