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Sleek Brow Perfector || Review

Brow gels or mascaras are the in thing at the moment and I find it hard to find a perfect one. My personal favorite is Benefit's Gimme Brow, as I just love the color it gives to my brows and the shape without making my brows feel crispy. But, Gimme Brow is on the pricey side, so finding a drugstore product that lives up to that standard will be a huge plus. I picked up the Sleek Brow Perfector around the time it was released, as I own their brow pencil and loved it. For only £4.99 it is such a great price, if it delivers on the goods.

The packaging is very sleek and professional, looking like it should cost a lot more then it should. It only comes in 2 color shades, light and dark, as well as a clear gel. Like all brow gels, it is applied with a little mascara wand for full control. I own the light shade, which actually looks a lot darker then you would think especially on the brows. As the product is highly pigmented, it easily fills in brows, making them look more fuller and beautiful.

The downside to this product for me is the crispy feel it gives to my brows. It does dry and stays all day, though the crispy brows just don't suit me. The hairs lay perfect under the gel, but to break up the crispiness, I have to brush the brows through with a spooli, just to give me a more natural brow look. But all the great things about this product make up for this crispy downside.

What are your favorite brow products??

Stay Gorgeous

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