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Nars Makeup || Review

Over the last couple of month or so (Maybe over 6 months) I have been picking up bits and bobs from Nars that I really wanted to try. Most of them have been huge hits and even Holy Grails in my makeup collection, and some haven't been as amazing as I was hoping for. I have 5 products that I will be reviewing, so lets get started.

This has become my favorite foundation of all time, I have always wanted to try a Nars foundation, but getting a sample of the Sheer Matte foundation I found it wasn't for me. But, then they bought out this bad boy and I couldn't have been happier. This is for anyone after the fuller coverage without the heavy cakey feel, and it lasts all day. I find a lot of medium to high coverage foundations can be very matte and flat on the face, where as this foundation is luminous and gives the skin that natural skin glow, great for no makeup makeup. This foundation comes with a pump, which is great considering their other foundations don't and I have found they have usually sold out of the pumps to. 

If you really want a Nars foundation, but are after a medium to full coverage foundation this is the one for you. It is starting to become more of a favorite of mine then the Mac Studio Fix Fluid. 

This for me is crazy, I finally picked up the Mac Paint Pot and in the same day I find a paint pot from Nars. Now, when I picked this guy up I didn't know that it comes in more shades, but the shade I picked up is Porto Venere, a light pale pink shade, great as a base for powder shadows. It is on the wet side compared to the Paint Pot from Mac, but this gives you a little more time to blend the product out, great if you get any of the other colors. 

The pot is just super cute and works so well on the skin, if you are pale this shade is great as a base or as a creme shadow. If you haven't seen these eye paints, go check them out as they are amazing.

Cruella is the iconic shade for the Lip Crayons from Nars, and seems to always be out of stock, but I managed to find one and have never looked back. Since Christmas last year I have slowly been getting into my red lips and this shade is just perfect. It is a fairly dark red shade and being matte, makes it look more chic and classy. It is super easy to apply and lasts all day, well with the occasional touch ups after eating and drinking.

Again another lip crayon, but this is the satin type meaning it has a more glossy look then the matte crayons, though not overly glossy. It is a beautiful product to use everyday and again lasts all day and I have found it does leave a slight stain to the lips which is great. The shade I went for was Rikugien, a perfect nude shade for my lips, great for everyday. Being a lip crayon its super easy to apply and can be thrown in my bag and reapplied when ever I'm on the go, as it needs no time at all to apply and look good.

I would strongly recommend the lip crayons to anyone, as there is a type for all with a variety of shades to suit every ones taste.

This was a purchase I made after seeing it being used online and I don't regret it at all. It is a liquid highlighter and blends out well into the skin, leaving a beautiful sliver highlighter to the face. I love to apply it to the high points of the cheeks, on top of my foundation. It is a little tricky to use during the hot months, especially if you are oily skinned as when you powder over it the highlight is lost. But, for dry skinned and winter months it is perfect, I personally think that this highlighter looks season appropriate during the winter months as it gives off that cool tone.

I would recommend this product to all dry skinned people and anyone after a liquid highlight. As this product is a multi-use product you can even use it as a light highlight on the lips and as a shimmer shadow base.

These have been my recent purchases from Nars and I would recommend every single one. What are your favorite Nars products??

Stay Gorgeous

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