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My Mac Lipstick Collection

I love Mac especially their lipsticks, and I currently own 20 of the beautiful lipsticks. I have a few of the special editions and the rest are in the classic Mac lipstick tubes. In this post I will talk about my shades, and what all those terms mean like Amplified and Cremesheen.

The shades that I own are (* means special edition);

  • Flesh Pot (Satin)
  • Flair for Finery (Lustre)*
  • Angel (Frost)
  • Creme Cup (Cremesheen)
  • Pink Pearl Pop (Cremesheen)
  • Pink Pigeon (Matte)
  • Viva Glam Miley Cyrus (Amplified)
  • Candy Yum Yum (Matte)
  • Viva Glam Nicki (Satin)
  • Victoriana (Matte)*
  • Milan Mode (Lustre)
  • Sunny Seoul (Cremesheen)
  • Morange (Amplified Creme)*
  • Diva (Matte)
  • Rebel (Satin)
  • Russian Red (Matte)
  • Viva Glam Nicki 2 (Amplified)
  • Heroine (Matte)
  • Rihanna Viva Glam 1 (Frost)*
  • Rihanna Viva Glam 2 (Frost)*

My favorite shades are Angle, Creme Cup, Viva Glam Nicki, Victoriana, Sunny Seoul and Russian Red. They are just the perfect nudes, pinks and reds, just beautiful and very complimenting to my skin tone. I love the blue toned reds that are Russian Red and Victoriana, as they look so classic and make teeth look even whiter for that perfect smile.

So, what do all those satin and lusture mean, well they are the code that defines what to expect of that lipstick. Most of the lipsticks are £15.50 though the special edition lipstick are slightly more, the prices are slightly different in store as I believe that Cremesheen lipsticks are slightly more then the rest of the lipsticks.
  • Cremesheens - These are lipsticks that everyone loves and they are great for anyone beginning in Mac makeup. They are super creamy and leave a glossy finish, the lighter the shade the less pigmented they are it seems, to me anyway. They don't last a long time as they are creamy, but it does mean that the lips keep hydrated and look amazing.
  • Matte - These lipsticks, as the name suggests, are matte shades. I find these a hit or miss as some shades seem to be very drying on the lips, and if you have dry lips anyway this is a big no no. Some shades don't dry out the lips and look really classic and very professional. As they are matte they last a long time, and even stain the lips, so be very careful at applying it, I'd recommend a lip brush. This finish is great for a gloss free, high pigment lip and the best shade to get in a Matte is a red. I personally think Ruby Woo, even though it is such a iconic and loved red, is way to drying for me that is why I love Russian Red.
  • Satin - These lipsticks are almost matte, they are between a Matte and Amplified. They are slightly creamy and glossy compared to the Matte, but the pigment is comparable to the Amplified. They last all day and are semi drying.
  • Amplified - These lipsticks are similar to Matte, except they are not drying and have a very slight gloss. As the name suggests, the pigment is very high and again they last all day with some staining the lips.
  • Amplified Creme - These are exactly the same as the basic Amplified finishes, just with extra gloss and creaminess.
  • Frost - These lipsticks are slightly 90's in the fact that they are shimmery. But, not like the old thick glitter shimmer that is drying and flaky, it is a very fine shimmer and lightly creamy. It leaves a medium pigmentation for a few hours before it needs topping up, though it lasts longer than the Cremesheen lipsticks. I think these lipsticks are so beautiful and the shades that I have are so unique and look beautiful.
  • Lustre - These lipsticks again are great for beginners to Mac, as they are slightly sheer, but do still have some pigment to them. They are fairly creamy and are great at adding some color to the lips, I prefer nudeish shades in this range as they just look so pretty.
  • Glaze - This type of lipstick I don't actually own as they are super sheer on the lips as they are highly glossy. If you prefer glossy and not much pigment these will be the type for you, but if you are after color I would steer clear. They are good for everyday and beginners as they are so sheer and easy to use, but when you are spending that kind of money it isn't worth it.
The overall look appeal of these lipsticks are the classic look, finish, shades and smell. The smell makes them so much more luxurious as they have a beautiful vanilla scent that lasts on your lips so a long time. I would recommend these lipsticks to everyone as everyone needs at least one of these lipsticks in their collection as they are so iconic. 

What's your favorite Mac lipstick??

Stay Gorgeous

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